Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 22

I did a Post earlier this month dedicated to Siblings, to ALL three of my kids together….

Today I want to Focus on Big Sister, my Oldest…

*She leads, He Follows*

*She helps Him learn new things*

*She helps keep Him safe*

*He Cheers for her at Softball Games, she shares her free drink*

*They Caught a Caterpillar and Named it “Fuzzy”*

*She is His Miracle League Buddy, His Big Sister, His Friend*

I Know there are days when He drives her Crazy, I know there are days when they fight like cats and dogs, but I Hope and Pray that I am doing a good enough job of ensuring she maintain her individuality, and not letting her get lost in the overwhelming storm that Autism can sometimes be. I Fear that no matter how much I try to do, it will not be enough, that I have somehow let her down.I Pray that she will not resent her brother, but continue to love Him as they grow older. She is a HUGE Blessing and help to me,  and words will never be enough to express how much I love her, How Proud I am of the young woman she is growing into.

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