Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 13

Autism Awareness….

On April 1st, inspired by another Mommy Blogger, I started a series of Posts

of snapshots….

of trying to SHOW what awareness means to me, to my family, to my son….

That being said,

Today’s post is dedicated to my Parents.

when it comes to support they are who I go to. They listen through my tears, rejoice with me in the happy moments, pray me through the rough spots. They love ALL three of my kids without question, without playing favorites.

They taught me from a VERY early age the Value and importance of Faith…

They taught me…and are teaching my children the value of hard work…..

*helping with chores on the Farm*

*Riding with Grandpa on the Tractor*


*The Joy of watching a non stop bundle of energy!*

*”Helping” Grandpa on the computer*

*Playing “Sorry” with Grandma*

*Helping Grandma in the Barn*

*Grandma’s Love*


They have stood by me through thick and thin…

through good times and Bad….



Always there, no strings attached, just Love

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