Wordless Wednesday: August 7,2013

ahhh the Country Life….

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Wedding Reflections

Last weekend on Sunday, July 28,2013, My Youngest brother Got married, and I had the Honor of being a part of the Bridal Party, along with my Husband and youngest Daughter.

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As I sit here going through, and editing Photos from The day, and from Our trip to visit my Family, a few things keep running through my mind.

The Wedding was a Beautiful one, held in one of our Father’s Hay-fields.  The Morning of the Ceremony, However, It Rained. This added stress to the Bride and Groom. I am proud of my brother though. He faithfully watched the Radar, and the sky, and with the help of my father, the decision was made to wait it out, and sure enough, after an hour delay, the sky cleared, and the sun came out.  There is a lesson here. As they begin their married life, Through the years, they will have storms, rain will fall, but if they remember to dance through the rain together, the clouds will clear, and the sun will shine again.

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Another Thought from the day comes from my brother Himself. He posted this as His Facebook Status on Friday, August 2…“FB annoys the crap out of me some days, and there’s days when the only thing keeping me from outright deleting it is family and friends scattered about the country and world…..but I don’t think I will ever get over how awesome it is to see Hilary R. Settle sharing my name  if FB is still around when I’m 50, I’m still going to log on and think that is just awesome….I keep fiddling with the gold band on my finger….It holds a special meaning to me, not only is it my wedding band and a symbol of our love, but it was my grandfathers ring, the history I am wearing on my finger, and the future it signifies….it’s mind blowing, I only hope I can live up to being even half the man he was”

This is priceless. Our Grandfather’s love for Grandma came up during the ceremony as well, as My Other Brother was one of the officiants. What a Timeless example our Grandparents  left for us of a long and lasting love. We are their legacy, and I remember Grandpa welcoming my Husband into the family with open arms, and can only imagine the joy He would have shown at the wedding as David Married Hilary.

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There were many precious memories of the day, as there Usually are with Weddings. Aside from the typical First Kiss, First Dance, Cutting the cake type ones traditionally , There are a few that stand out for me….Like My Parents having all of their kids together for the first time ( spouses included) in a LONG time.

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and all 6 Grandchildren together…

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Watching My Parents Dance….

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Seeing the Love of my Life in His Uniform….

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Watching My Dad dance with His 3 youngest Granddaughters….

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Dancing with My Daddy….

DSC_0509 copy

Watching Dak on the Dancefloor….

DSC_0386 copy

and SO Many more…..

One of My favorite Moments came at the end of the night, as the reception was winding down, and my brother and His bride were getting ready to leave on their honeymoon. My Parents gathered all 4 of us siblings up, and my new sister, and Gave us Our Blessing. This is something they started when we were kids, and I have continued with my children, and it made me smile to hear it from my parents that night, even as a grown up, as we sent my brother and His new bride off to start their Life together. To me it was a wonderful way to send them off, to wrap up a beautiful day….

Numbers 6:24-26 

 The Lord bless you, and keep you:

The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto you:

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

Wordless Wednesday: The Horse Ride

While in NY visiting my Parents, one of the highlights was getting to ride my brother’s girlfriend’s horse…

*He doesn’t usually “do ” Hats, but the riding helmet stayed on without a fight*

*Patience has never been his strong point, but He did very well at waiting patiently for his turn to ride*

Trying Something new….Wordless Wednesday

A Few of my fellow Blogging Mammas do this wordless Wednesday thing weekly, and I thought it was a pretty cool Idea, so without further ado here is my first installment :

How we got through my cousin’s wedding without melting down:

“Spots”  (A webkinz bullfrog), a Tie, and a Social Story

when the sound of Laughter drowns out the rumble of Thunder!

It began like any other Monday. Quiet, Hot….triple digit Hot, the kids home on summer Vacation. Then the sky clouded over, and the Thunder began to rumble.  Not long after that, the power went out. I did what I usually do, and kicked into Dak meltdown prevention mode. Thunder storms wreak all kinds of Havoc on His senses, and the power going out usually only adds to his stress.

I gathered all three kids on the couch with the portable DVD players they got for Christmas, in hopes that watching movies would keep His mind off the storm that raged outside. This worked for about a half hour, then He decided that being between his sisters for that long, sitting still, was just to much. He wandered the house, pacing, and then disappeared into His room. I busied myself with household tasks. The power was out, so was nothing else to do. I stumbled across a box of toys I had put in storage months ago, and started to go through it. Buried in the bottom of the box was a gem, one of Dakota’s favorite toys when He was a toddler, a spiral race track with 2 small cars. I dug it out and headed towards His room and placed it on his train table. He ignored me at first, briefly eyeing the long lost toy before going back to lining up his toy animals on his bed. I shrugged, and left the room, the race track still sitting on the train table.

About 10 minutes later, I heard squeals of pure joy coming from Dak’s room. The beauty about the power being out is you can hear EVERYTHING! I tip-toed down the hall to peek in His door. What I saw brought a smile to my face…..

My Youngest two children, content, laughing, and having a meltdown free Power Outage during a Thunder storm! Thank the Lord for Portable DVD Players, re-discovering Old favorite Toys,  siblings, and MUCH needed Rain!!!