You Matter


Voices screaming in my head
reminding me of things said
“You are worthless”
“You are broken, a Failure”
“You can’t do anything right”
negative thoughts rise to the surface
This is a daily fight

A new voice grows louder day by day
it started as a whisper
“You are important”
“You are beautiful”
“You Matter”
is what it has to say

Each day, a choice
a decision to feed which voice
Each moment a struggle
suddenly ,like a gasp of air
“It is perfectly Ok to admit that You are not ok”

The inner conflict continues on
yet a new outlook dawns
“You matter”
“It’s ok to hurt”
“Your feelings…Matter”
“It’s ok to cry”
“Your story matters”

Tears may still fall
inner strength creeps from hidden shadows
deep inside the depths of heart shattered
the survivor brushes off the dirt
and takes the first steps
all because someone said
“Your life matters”

~~Rachel E. Brown~~

July 12,2013