Vacation Poem

We Just returned from a Trip to Visit my Family in Upstate NY. I wrote this poem while on the road…It is a whole lot silly, makes very little sense…lack of sleep and coffee probably had some play…Here it is none the less…


Clothes are Loaded
truck is Packed
Turn off the lights
Don’t forget to pee!

Kids Crammed in truck
off we go to Grandma’s House
She Touched me!
Are We There yet?
On and On it Goes

20 Hours on the road
3 kids and 2 adults
in our pick-up truck
He took my Pillow!
Mommy I need to pee!

Up and down through mountains
over rivers we go
Headed North to Grandma’s house

Stop for gas
stop for food
everybody go pee!
Now pile back in the truck

Don’t lean on me!
Mooom! She’s squishing me!
The word of the day is Co-exist!

Ten hours down
Ten more to go
Daddy Drives
Mommy Referees

Alabama, Tennessee
Virginia, Pennsylvania
North to Grandma’s house
in New York we Drive

The sun is setting
go to sleep
Mom! I Can’t feel my feet!
Sit Still, Stay in Your seat!

Endless Highway
Rolling Hills
Dad, what state
is that Liscence plate?

Reading books
Playing Games
Hey Look!
I see a Train!

20 hours on the road
North to Grandma’s
Are we there yet?
On and On it goes.

~July 17,2013~

Rachel E. Brown