Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 10

1 in 88 Military Children has Autism…

For me April being Autism Awareness month AND the month of the Military Child has special meaning….

My Daughter had me in tears earlier today.  We were re-arranging some furniture, and I was going to throw out an old recliner my oldest daughter no longer wanted in her room. My Youngest burst into tears, and when I asked her what was wrong she responded…

“I miss Daddy”

“I know, I miss Him too, but he is on his way home baby”

” I know, but please don’t throw the recliner away, it helps me when Daddy is not home”

needless to say, the recliner is staying.


Here is today’s glimpse into my world as a Military wife raising three Military children,

one who happens to land on the Autism Spectrum.

*Military MP For Halloween*


*Daddy’s HOME!!!!*

*Military Crash Fire and Rescue for Halloween*

*wearing Daddy’s USMC Cover*

*Daddy surprised us at the ball field one drill weekend*

There was a time when our son didn’t want much to do with Daddy.  Things have gotten better on that front.

*An excerpt from my post “Dandelion wishes and Puppy Dog Kisses“….

my husband who is in the National Guard is away at His once a Month training, and our son brought me the phone…what follows is my status on Facebook….Dak just brought me my cellphone”Say goodnight to Daddy?” so we called and He said goodnight, then Danced off to his room singing “I love my Daddy!” Came back and asked “want Daddy home safe, when Daddy come home?”

2 thoughts on “Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 10

  1. I really give my salutations to the moms who have an autism children.. I know how hard to be with them..they needs our utmost care and attention..but to look them grow healthy is a reward enough for the parents,….

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