Wordless Wednesday: July 17,2013

Ahh the Joys of Childhood
Playing Dress-up
running through sprinklers
Monopoly and Bubbles
Enjoy it while You can
It’s over all too fast
Capturing as many moments
making memories that last
long after childhood days have past

~Rachel E. Brown~

July 16,2013

Wordless Wednesday…

To Childhood:

DSC_0288 copyWM

DSC_0324 copyWM

DSC_0342 copyWM

DSC_0044 copy

DSC_0232 copy

Wordless Wednesday: December 21,2011

It has been a long road this past few months since our dog, Fang died.

Lots of sleepless nights….

Dak never really did understand ( still doesn’t)…

many tears shed by all 5 of us…

My husband and I wondering just how we could fix this unbearable pain….

and now…

A new beginning….

As an early Christmas gift….

2 Black Lab Puppies; Beauty (Pink ribbon) and the Beast ( Red Ribbon)


*Dakota meets “Beast”*


The house has been full of Laughter…

all 5 of us on the floor together, playing with the Puppies….

This Christmas, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle….

the stress, and the meltdowns…

Love is the greatest gift….

something Money can’t buy….

as our healing process begins and love and joy overtake sadness and grief,

we wish you and yours a blessed Holiday season.