Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 13

Autism Awareness….

On April 1st, inspired by another Mommy Blogger, I started a series of Posts

of snapshots….

of trying to SHOW what awareness means to me, to my family, to my son….

That being said,

Today’s post is dedicated to my Parents.

when it comes to support they are who I go to. They listen through my tears, rejoice with me in the happy moments, pray me through the rough spots. They love ALL three of my kids without question, without playing favorites.

They taught me from a VERY early age the Value and importance of Faith…

They taught me…and are teaching my children the value of hard work…..

*helping with chores on the Farm*

*Riding with Grandpa on the Tractor*


*The Joy of watching a non stop bundle of energy!*

*”Helping” Grandpa on the computer*

*Playing “Sorry” with Grandma*

*Helping Grandma in the Barn*

*Grandma’s Love*


They have stood by me through thick and thin…

through good times and Bad….



Always there, no strings attached, just Love

How do I help them to say Goodbye?

It is amazing how a four legged furry critter can win over our hearts, and become such a part of our Family. Our Dog, Fang, Died last night. Telling my children that He was gone was the hardest thing I have ever had to do as their Mother.

I remember back to when I was in high school. My dog, Sunshine was a Collie , Shepard mix. My Parents had taken Her in when some missionary friends of ours needed to find her a home. We Lived on a Dairy Farm so we had plenty of room for her to run. Sunny was a smart dog, she would stop and listen for cars before crossing the road, and it was not unusual to see her running along behind my dad as he drove the tractor up the road. Every day she would meet me at the mailbox when the bus got home from school in the afternoon. The way our house sat, you had to cross the road to get to the mailbox. One afternoon, sunny was getting older, and her hearing was not so good, and she did not hear the car coming, and got hit, but still managed to get across the road to the mailbox, and waited for me to get off the bus. She died in my arms. It took me a LONG time to let another dog into my heart…..then Fang came along

Fang won me over, the way He protected and watched over me and the kids when my husband was gone for Military training.He was patient and loving with Dak, would let the boy do almost ANYTHING. When Dak was a toddler, They would wrestle, Dak would use Fang as a pillow, but when Fang got tired, He would put His paws on Dak’s shoulders, sit the boy down, and walk off to lay down somewhere.  The connection between Dak and Fang was like nothing I had ever seen. Fang seemed to KNOW when Dak was not feeling well, would go lay down outside His bedroom door , or climb in the bed or on the couch with Him.  It was almost eerie sometimes though. You see, Fang was our Miracle, He was the runt of the litter, stillborn, but they were able to bring him back. He had vision problems, hearing problems, was TERRIFIED of water, and had seizures. The scary thing was this, I started to notice a connection…Fang would have a seizure, and within 24 hours, Dak would have one.  Yes, I had a special needs Dog, and He stole my heart….

Lord, help me find a way to help Dak understand….this morning before school “Mom, I go let fang in.” “Baby, you can’t let Fang in, He is in Heaven” “Fang gone? Uh oh, Daddy go get Fang and bring him home safe” Oh my heart hurts…..

Fang was my oldest Daughter’s best friend…her Puppy. He would curl up in her lap and listen to her for hours on end, and she spoiled Him ROTTEN. when I told her last night that Fang had died, she fell apart, understandably. She was the one who would take Him for walks, He would look for her every night, and would whine when she had to go to bed. Last night she wrote a letter to another dog, Lady, who we had when she was in kindergarten…..

Dear Lady,

I am sad to say that Fang died today, April 12,2011. You left too ong ago to know him now, but Fang was my Puppy. He would sing with my Oboe, and ate my pizza crusts. Why you went, I don’t know. What I do know is that Fang was loved by everyone and loved everyone. The neighborhood is going to miss Him. We have friends not in Montgomery who will miss Him. To the other kids he was like a giant teddy bear.

The point is that Fang lived a full life but He will still be loved by those who knew Him. I may be sad about this, but at least He is out of His pain.



I think Sara summed it up best last night when she said…”All three of us, Dak, Bug, and I, needed him. Bug ’cause he reminded her of dad. Dak ’cause, well who knows what. Me ’cause we helped each other out through the tough times”

To my youngest, Fang was one of the few dogs she was NOT afraid of. He would help her get through the times when Daddy had to go away for Training.  She would curl up on the floor with Him and watch TV, read Him stories, and He would even get treated to the occasional Tea Party Invite. When I told her last night, she cried for three hours, and wrote Fang the following Letter……

“Dear Fang,

I miss you Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you have to go so soon? I Love you Very Very Very Very Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I wish I could take their pain away. I know that death is a part of life, as is heartache, but Oh how I wish I could make this all better.

RIP Fang, we Love you

Thank you for the time you gave us….

Thank you for your love and devotion to my kids…

thank you for all those times you licked my feet….

Forever in our hearts

*For more about Fang, see my Snapshots Post:

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