Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 26

Today we celebrate…

My Youngest is 9 years old today!

When she was a baby, Dak wanted NOTHING to do with her…

when she cried, it hurt His ears and I had to watch Him like a Hawk …

Watching their relationship blossom and grow as Big Brother and Little sister has been beautiful,

Like watching a Rose bloom….

*New Baby sister, meet your Big Sister*

How I wish I had a Photo like this of her with Dak….but Like I said, He wanted NOTHING to do with this crying, wiggly bundle of joy Mommy and Daddy brought home…..

Then she stopped crying so much, and started walking…..

and He became Overprotective, making sure she didn’t fall down….

They quickly became “Partners in crime”

*”Me too Grandma!!”*


*One of those “Right place with Camera Ready” Moments…She walked home from school and He stepped off the Bus, and they Hugged…Priceless*

*Before she started school, she would sit at the door waiting for Him to step off the bus*

*Sharing Popcorn*

*Water Fight!!!!*

*They discovered that if they got the grass wet enough, they could SLIDE!!!*

He helps her get the cookie jar off the top of the fridge,

She bosses Him around like a Mother hen,

and he LISTENS ( 90% of the time anyway)

*She taught Him how to play Checkers!!!!*

*Tickles and Giggles*

Sure, they fight…

He drives her “Bananas” ( she has a shirt that she LOVES that says “My Brother drives me Bananas”

But she adores her Big Brother, and He KNOWS it!

*Big Brother, Little Sister…Partners in Crime, Best Friends*

Happy Birthday my lil Lovebug, we love you Princess