Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 15

Day 15…

Half way through the month…

Dak does NOT do bad weather well….

Thunder bother’s His ears, Atmosphere changes send Him into meltdown state….

Tornado warnings have forced us to get creative to get him to stay in the safe place…..

As we face another round of Bad weather rolling in….

Here is today’s montage dedicated to weather….

*In the bath tub tent during tornado warning*

*Tree that fell in our backyard and our neighbor’s backyard during Hurricane Ivan*

*He didn’t like the power going out….or the Hurricane…but he LOVED Climbing on the tree that fell…*

* we could not even SEE our Backyard thanks to the tree….

but the kids turned it into a game of hide n seek!*

*April 15,2011…Watching Movies in the bath tub Fort to keep His mind off the storm and tornado sirens*

*Catching Snow Flakes*

(Ok I know…snow is not necessarily BAD weather….but It IS weather….and I LOVE This Photo of Him :P)

*A Special Moment with my youngest!

“Mud-licious and Puddle-Wonderful!”*

I have learned to look for the rainbows…

to watch for the small blessings even in the midst of the storm…