These are the Moments…

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch,

a smile,

a kind word,

a listening ear,

an honest compliment,

or the smallest act of caring,

all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

 ~Leo Buscaglia


It’s the Simple things that often mean the most.

This is the stuff memories are made of

The Moments that stick with us Long after childhood….

It’s Nerf Wars with Daddy….


Blowing Bubbles….

DSC_0322 copyWM

Splashing in Puddles…

DSC_0515 copy

Sidewalk chalk….


Digging in the dirt….




Board Games….


Jumping in Leaves…

Picture 560a

It’s time spent together, just being together….


Life isn’t about Fancy Cars, or expensive things, it’s not about the Vacations You take, or how much You spend…..

It’s about the day to day moments…

It’s Legos , Laughter, Leaves , Love, sunshine, sandcastles, Hugs, kisses, bedtime stories,

and yes, even doing the dishes, splashing in puddles, sidewalk chalk drawings,

the moments of childhood that go by so quickly….

cherish each dandelion, each mud coated Hug,


Time is so fleeting, and is the most precious of all gifts.

Redirect Your focus, it’s not about all the things You can’t do,

its about the things you CAN do.

Things You DO that You think are unnoticed….

Believe me, they Notice. Our children are watching, they don’t miss a thing.

A Tribute to Dad: Part 2

Today is Father’s day and yes, I know I wrote a post on this yesterday, but there was more that needed to be said……

As I have gotten older, this day has grown harder in some ways. Every year since I moved away from home, there was always phone calls to make to my Dad, my Father in Law, and to both of my Grandfathers. The past few years, it has just been to my dad and my Father in Law. Both of my grandfathers have gone home to be with our heavenly Father. I miss them both greatly here on earth, but the lessons and memories live on, In Loving Memory.

This year, I am taken back in my thoughts to 2 years ago, when I had the amazing honor of calling my Dad, on Father’s day, to share with him the joy that my oldest Daughter had just been baptized.  What a Tremendous blessing that was to share with him.  His Faith, and Prayers and love are part of why I am who I am today, and has been passed on to my own children.

This year my thoughts turn to events of a year ago, when a Family close to my heart released their son into God’s loving arms, as He went home to be with our Heavenly Father, on Father’s Day.  I remember the heartache, and pain. I remember asking “why?”. we had all prayed so hard for healing.  I remember the till small voice I heard as I wept, ” He IS fully Healed, and look around you…I am here with you, as I am in China, and Rwanda, and Tanzania, and Kuwait, and NY and all over the world…even as you all came together in prayer for David, and His family. Most of you have never met,  because you love me, I am with you and I will not leave you.” My heart was shattered, and I wept with my friends for the loss of their son, brother, Uncle, boyfriend, and friend, my friend…yet my spirit rejoiced as I saw David , with His heart of worship, dancing. Today, a year later, I pray God’s Peace and love surround them and comfort them.

Today, my thoughts turn to my friends who have recently lost their fathers.Who are grieving today. Cherish the memories you have and I pray that God’s love and comfort surround you today, and every day.

I am reminded this year of just how precious each moment is.  We never know what the next second may bring. Don’t put off telling those you love how you feel because tomorrow may be too late.

My Thoughts turn to the Military Families. Those away from their kids on Father’s Day.  I find myself rejoicing with my friend , as her husband returned home yesterday, just in time to spend Father’s day with his little girl.

To all those DAD’s who CHOSE to love a child who is not theirs by blood, but who stepped up and took on the role,  Today is for you guys too. I think you all are a very special class of people.

“Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad.”  ~Author Unknown

To the Dads raising special needs children, especially my husband, who stands by me as we walk this difficult road, and my uncle and cousin who are both raising their special needs kids as single Fathers, I know the road is hard, but I have seen how deep your love for your kids is. You guys are treasured, and are doing an amazing job!

To DADS everywhere who are sacrificing, loving, and giving of themselves, Happy Father’s Day.



Counting my Blessings

Ok, I know I know…It has been a while since I have written anything! I didn’t even manage to get around to writing my “look back at 2010” I started to…I just kept getting interrupted.The all too familiar “Mooom!!!!” or a blood curdling scream from my autistic son…or the sound of my daughters fighting…*sigh* . Thankfully, life goes on even when I can’t find time to write, though I must admit, writing my thoughts down provides a much needed outlet. Anyway…..

My thoughts today are on blessings, a Very specific blessings actually, my friends, my children, and my Husband. The past few weeks have been more overwhelming than usual, and I have found myself reduced to tears repeatedly. Feelings of helplessness, loneliness and isolation have swarmed in to attack me in the midst of problems my son is having at school, Cursive and division disasters with my youngest daughter, and preparing for high school with my socially challenged teenager. It never fails that when we are feeling our most vulnerable, we find ourselves under a barrage of emotional attacks until we feel we need to dive for cover. God is faithful though, when the cover we dive for is His word, He pulls us through, and I have found that prayer through tears this past few weeks has once again, been my rock.

Last week, when I thought I could not handle anymore, when i needed a friend, a break, something….God used what was a hard, bad situation, to bring me one. Our dog ran away ( don’t worry, he is home safe and sound now 🙂 ) and the kids didn’t sleep, nobody did that night. Friends came out of the woodwork to help search for our beloved critter, and it was the reminder I needed that I am , in fact, not alone. It is easy for me to forget that sometimes.

the past two weekends, I have had surprise visits from friends, a front yard FULL of children playing and laughing, ALL three of my children included. The sound of their laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world to me, it is good for my heart, and it was , again, the reminder I needed of why , even on the hardest days, I keep pushing forward, keep pressing on, fighting the good fight.


Tears, Thanksgiving, and Faith

This whole week I have been an emotional mess. Tuesday was a very emotional day, spent in heartfelt prayer for many people dear to my heart who are grieving this holiday season.  I spent most of the day in tears, crying out in prayer for comfort and peace to surround those I love so much who are hurting. I found myself crying out, giving thanks through tears, and just completely overwhelmed with God’s presence. It is a powerful feeling to be in a place where God meets you in the midst of your tears.

Wednesday morning, those tears continue to fall. As I logged in to Facebook, I saw a status update from my mom about baking Apple Pie, and suddenly my own memories flooded back, and the tears that fell were for myself, not for others as had been the case yesterday. I was reminded that I too carry a burden of grief as we enter the Holiday season. As I prayed, I was swept away on a sea of memories, back to my childhood. Thanksgiving at Grandma’s was always a big celebration. The smell of pies baking, turkey in the oven, Mashed potatoes, Gravy… mom and Aunts and Grandma working in the kitchen, while us kids ran through the house, laughing, playing Hide N seek. Grandpa and my uncles and dad watching Football, and discussing Farm life, work, and other assorted things. Us kids collapsing in the back room to watch football with Grandpa, and to tussle and play, Grandma hollering that food was ready, and grandpa replying that it was almost half time. My Uncle and I having our own bowl of Mashed potatoes, and another bowl for everyone else ( this was grandma’s way of assuring that EVERYONE got some taters) When we would all gather in the kitchen, to start fixing plates, before anyone could touch the food, Grandpa would say a Prayer of thanksgiving for Family and friends, for the food we were about to eat, for God’s abundant blessings and love. I found myself longing for a simpler time, and yet, giving thanks for all the amazing happy memories I have been blessed with and cherish.

Thanksgiving Day was a bittersweet day. We Got through the day without a single meltdown from my son ( a major accomplishment in and of itself). I felt the tears that had been falling all week well up again when my kids noticed there was one empty chair at the table. One of the guests who had planned on attending was unable to make it, but for me, the empty chair sent my mind straight to family members and loved ones who have left this world. My husband’s step-brother who we lost a year ago, my friend David who God called home this summer, both of my grandfathers, my husband’s grandpa, my Godfather. That empty chair. Then my mind went to the one person who has never left my side, who was with me in the darkest moments of my life, who has been with me through all the grieving and tears this summer, who is with me EVERY day, in good and in bad, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I stood there looking at that empty chair, and for me, it was not empty, no it was filled. I felt a peace wash over me, and I knew that even through the midst of the emotions I have been fighting all this week, God was with me, He hears my cries, and He knows my pain.

Today is known as “Black Friday”. Most people spend this day racing from one store to the next in search of the next deal, some get in fights over things. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday, though I admit there is a part of me that longs to. I found myself thankful today for leftover turkey, and for the fact that the Iron Bowl Game, THE Game if you live in Alabama, was on today. It provided a distraction, and we had a good day.

I can’t seem to find the off switch for my tears this week, and yet in the midst of the tears, I give thanks. Thanks for the blessing of being born into a family whose faith is strong, who know the value of living by example, the value of a smile, the value of a hug, the value of the simple things in life. I may live miles away from them now that I am grown and have a family of my own, and this time of year oh boy do I get homesick…..but God is faithful, and He gives me the grace I need to get through the ache in my heart, and to find the joy.

I have been blessed with a loving Husband, and three amazing children. I have been blessed with a church family that accepts all three of my children, doesn’t see Disability, who show us a glimpse of God’s unconditional love. I have been blessed with an extended Family who knows I am not perfect, and yet has accepted me into their family in spite of my faults. I used to look at my life and wish for all the things I don’t have, long for things beyond my reach. I have learned, however, that things don’t bring happiness, and money can’t buy the kind of riches that God has blessed me with. As I sat watching the Auburn/ Alabama game and listening to my children and Husband laughing around me, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, I am rich, I am blessed, and God WILL provide my every NEED, just like He always Has.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you remember the simpler things in life.

“Be joyful always. Pray continually. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thesselonians 5:16-18


I Have not posted anything in a while, and I Know many of you are wondering if I am ok as I really have not even been online. I was without a computer for a while, and even now that My computer is fixed I find myself not really spending a lot of time on it.

I Got Real sick with a Nasty stomach bug after Christmas, and Have been fighting with Depression and a lot of personal issues since September and they all snowballed this past weekend. Some of you know the reasons why my depression has been trying to resurface, and at least one person who will most likely read this is struggling with some of the same things. There are things happening in My world that I don’t want to face… Things I don’t want to deal with… yet because that is the way life is I have no choice. What am I to do… Close myself off from the world completely? Shut out the ones I love the most attempting to protect myself? I did that once…. Learned the hard way that that is no way to live. So I am faced with the reality that life hurts… and that in order to live I must hurt…. In order to Love completely I must accept Loss and Heartache…..In order to open my heart and let loved ones in…. I must be prepared to someday say goodbye.  I have been forced to face the fact that Loving someone Requires a Constant Daily Effort….. You can’t just say ” I Love you” and go through the motions….. It Must go deeper… to a place I had hidden from….. a place where you realize that it hurts when they hurt…. you Cry when they cry…. you are overjoyed when they are….. Love is Much deeper than I ever wanted to admit. When I Look into my husbands eyes I see just how deep and strong it is….and when something happens to cause that love to hide It Cuts Like a knife straight through the heart. When you give your Heart 100% to someone and they give you yours it is a Valuable and precious gift Not to be taken lightly… A Fragile Thing to be handled with Tender Loving Care. I came to the realization recently that there are two sources of strength in my life outside myself… and I am not very strong lately…. My relationship with Jesus Christ Is the number one source of my strength, and My Husband’s Love is my second source of strength. Without him holding me up the past 6 months I don’t even want to think where I would be right now… Cause it is NOT a happy Place. We Recently went through a period of difficult times between the 2 of us and both learned some things that are bringing us closer in the long run but almost tore us apart. I guess as we approach our 10 year anniversary we are going through growing pains in Our relationship.