Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 20

Part of raising three kids means family outings for sporting events, Band Concerts, ect….

It means supporting each other and encouraging talents to grow….

when Autism is thrown into the mix, this becomes a challenge….

sitting still and quiet during a band concert…

doesn’t happen…

sitting on the bleachers to watch a softball game…

doesn’t happen…

So in order to ensure that Dad and mom can both attend games and concerts

and cheer on our girls, we have had to get creative….

*Trying to escape from Daddy and go get whatever he can from the concessions stand!*

*We pack a bag full of coloring books, Crayons, stuffed animals, and other “quiet” favorites*

*Hot Dogs always help*

*Friends come to help*

*DVD Player, headphones, and Larry Boy DVD to get him through the band concert*

*Letting Him take photos at the concert with my camera*

Sure, we still get random outbursts of  “Ok, I done, time to go home”, and he still attempts to dart towards the parking lot, but over-all he is trying, and we get to watch our girls play ball, and participate in other extra-curricular activities, rather than one of us being stuck at home . Sure, there are days when he just Can’t handle going, can’t handle the crowds, the stimulation, so one of us stays home with him. Sure, sometimes we have to get up and leave early,or go walk him around in the lobby or parking lot, but that’s just how it is, and with God’s hep, we continue to do the best that we can, raising three talented children, one who happens to be autistic.