Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 28

There was a time when Dak’s play consisted of lining things up for HOURS on end…

when I wondered if we would EVER see any sort of “Imaginative ” play…

then one day, the most precious thing happened….

I was on the computer, and Shawna and Dak were playing contently in the other room. All of the sudden Shawna starts yelling as they both come running into the living room. She was yelling ” MOM! Tell Him I am NOT Evil!!” and Dak was Hot on her heels, His Lightsaber in hand, “I Dak-man, I Battle Evil!”

It took EVERYTHING I had NOT to burst out laughing as I explained to Dak that His sister was, in fact, NOT Evil, yet my heart was about to explode with joy. He was using His Imagination!!!

The nickname “Dak-man” started when He was very small, and it stuck.  He even has His Own theme song. I have a REALLY cute Vid clip of Him singing it, but I can’t figure out how to add it here.

My Prince….one of the first glimpses of Him playing Dress up

Rock Star!!

To Imaginative play….

even when it means Nerf sword fights with Daddy in the living room( in spite of Mommy’s Protests!)

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