Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 5

Having a rough morning this morning. It STORMED here last night, Thunder, Lighting, wind, Rain…the works. My son does NOT handle this type of weather well…so needless to say, it was a sleepless night. Getting Him up for school this morning was a fight. He Cried all the way into school. when I asked what was wrong He said ” I Crying” When I asked why, He said ” I sad” when I tried to find out what was making Him sad he said “I crying”…..and round and round we went. Upon arrival at His classroom, He continued to cry, but His teacher took over, coaxing Him to stay, telling Him how much fun was planned for the day, His tears continued to flow, and it took everything in me to walk back to the parking lot, leaving Him there. I cried all the way home, my heart hurt, but I know school is important, so here I sit.

I say all this because todays focus is on the teachers, the people who love our kids when we send them off away from home, to school….we trust our precious gifts to them and they give SO much! They have a classroom of kids with special needs, and still they give, they know each child’s quirks, they deal with meltdowns, show compassion, and take the time to call on both good days and bad days. I dread those bad day phone calls, but the “He had a good day today” calls and notes, the “Guess what He did today?!” notes…

These are people who “Get it”

They understand the value of  every small accomplishment, from a complete sentence, to potty training, Hugs and eye contact, to making it through a whole day without a meltdown.


They plan Christmas parties, and play games….

They take time out of their Saturdays to come watch a Baseball game ,

and get how special it is to watch Him play ball….

They give Hugs, and High fives…

(and I know I have more Photos somewhere…..but if you could see the Stack of discs sitting next to me on my desk, or if you know me you KNOW how much i like to take photos , so…yeah. LOL)

Here is to the teachers in my son’s world, who with your commitment, patience and care, have helped me open a window into His world. When he started school at the age of three, almost 9 years ago, he was completely non verbal, eye contact was non existent, and hugs? FORGET it! His social skills were non existent, and His sense of danger was no where to be found. With the help of some amazing teachers, He is now talking, yes, there is a lot of echolalia, and sometimes He seems to be speaking His own language, but its SOMETHING! I can now let Him out in the yard to play with His siblings and friends ( yes I said FRIENDS!) and he will LISTEN and not take off into the street ( Most days)



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