Autism Awareness~30 Days of snapshots: Day 24

Holidays can be overwhelming for any family….

when Autism gets thrown into the mix, they become practically impossible…

They mess up routines….

throw special diets all out of whack…

We do the best we can, but we have learned that when Dak says He is done…

He means He is Done, and it’s time to pack up and go home…

Today’s Montage…


For Christmas ALL Presents must wait to be wrapped until Christmas Eve AFTER Dak has gone to bed, as there can NOT be a wrapped present in the house…He just HAS to unwrap it. Christmas Morning, if the girls don’t beat Him to the tree, and stockings, everything will be unwrapped before they get there, so alarm clocks get set for the crack of dawn. He is getting better about understanding the concept of taking turns opening gifts with cousins when at Grammy’s house, but patience is just not his strong suit.

the ONLY “Professional” Christmas Photo I have of Dak….Photo shoots of the posed nature just don’t happen

*Thanks for the gifts, I am ready to go home now*

*Easter egg hunt? Forget that! Give Him an inflatable to play on and that is where he wants to stay ALL day!*

We DID convince Him to hunt a FEW Eggs….

*Trying to get 5 kids to sit still for a photo is no easy task*

The Holiday Photos I have show the happy moments, and I am grateful for them. The Fact still remains that Holidays are beyond stressful. The roller-coaster seems bigger, the highs are there, but the downs, phew, they are HUGE. We do Our best to maneuver the maze, to ensure He doesn’t get left out of Family gatherings, but that they understand that when the warning signs of a meltdown begin to appear, we pack up and go home.

*Ready to go home*

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