Wordless Wednesday: July 17,2013

Ahh the Joys of Childhood
Playing Dress-up
running through sprinklers
Monopoly and Bubbles
Enjoy it while You can
It’s over all too fast
Capturing as many moments
making memories that last
long after childhood days have past

~Rachel E. Brown~

July 16,2013

Wordless Wednesday…

To Childhood:

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The Necklace

2 strands of chain
adorned with pink beads
tied itself up good

A Favorite it is so i worked to untangle
a lesson i learned
as i faced this delicate task

my heart gets itself
all tangled in knots
emotions and stresses
chaos galore
to untangle my mess
it must be quite a chore

My Savior, he loves me
patiently He unwinds me
carefully unraveling
untwisting, unbinding

such a beautiful mess
worth fixing time and again
because surely my heart
and my necklace
will tangle once more

I simply have to trust
in Jesus my Lord
to turn over my messes
~Rachel E. Brown~
July 17,2013