Love Is…

Sharing two older poems of mine, written back in 1996


The Power of love
it can tear your world apart,
can make your every dream come true.

The power of love
can teach you so much about yourself
can draw you out of your shell.

The beauty of love
it seeks you out
when you least expect it.

The beauty of love
touches your soul
in your darkest hour.

~Rachel E. Brown~


Love is like a fire
burning deep within your heart
flames of passion
play with your emotions
the dancing light of happiness
casts a reflection for all to see.

Love is like a fire
intertwining two hearts,
an extravagant masquerade
combining beauty and mystery
in an intriguing display of romance
flirting with pulsating intensities
of erotic desire.

Love is like a fire
consuming your thoughts
rendering you helpless
overwhelmed by the primal urges of your mind
Love is like a fire…..
~Rachel E. Brown~


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