The Rollercoaster

As another summer Vacation winds to an end for my kids, I find that it is very bittersweet for me. This summer has been; in some ways; a LONG exhausting, emotionally and Physically Draining one. In Other ways it has been wonderful, has flown by too fast, and I ache to slow down the steady march of time. As another school year approaches, I find myself looking back at how fast time has flown by. My oldest is headed into 10th grade, The Boy is headed into 7th Grade, and my baby….yes I know, your not a baby anymore….is headed into 5th Grade.

I know that I really have not written much since 2012 arrived. I have struggled with the words this year. I have wondered just how much do I write? I have contemplated the whole “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all” concept. The fact of the matter is, I have 2 teenagers on the autsim spectrum ( well the boy will be 13 next month). The challenges of all things teenagerish have been…. whats the word I am looking for here?…..exagerated? Amplified? Intensified? Complicated? ahh yes, Complicated…..complicated by the challenges of all things autism. the onslaught of puberty has sent my sweet boy into a tailspin of regression, and much like when he was a toddler, I have to watch his every move. The difference is, he is much bigger now…scooping Him up into my lap to calm down a meltdown is no longer an option, scooping him up and redirecting is no longer an option. In fact, He has made the (correct) observation that He is as tall as mommy is now…and has on more than one occasion, told me he is “an adult now”.

I wrote the above before school started. We are now into day 4 of Back to school and the anxiety is still running high. The change of routine has things all sorts of out of whack. I hope things start to settle down soon. I am EXHAUSTED!

The rollercoaster of a summer….the highs were….WOW! and the Lows…well OUCH!

We saw our Oldest go with the Youth Group on her first Mission trip….I was a WRECK, but all reports say she did fine! I gave the chaperoning adults a LONG list of what to watch for as to sensory overload, what to do to help her calm down, Challenges, ect. The reports I got when they returned were that she worked hard, maintained an excellent attitude, and had a great trip!

We saw an intensification of the Boy’s elopment issues…and had some VERY scary moments ( thankfully all ended well). He is now on the “kids to watch for” list at Toys R Us ( as in if he shows up unsupervised call mom and dad),  has a Medical Alert Bracelet, and per our request, a note has been made with 9-1-1 that if a call for our adress is recieved, be aware there are children with Autism in the home.

In the Midst of all the ups and downs with the older two and all the extra attention they required this summer, I started to worry that my youngest was not getting enough of my time…the biggest argument my girls had this summer was the oldest telling the youngest “Your Normal!”…and let me tell ya, that was NOT pretty…It was WAR for about a week! We have always tried to not use words like “Normal” because, well lets face it, in this house, “Normal” is boring. We have tried to teach the kids to celebrate their differences, rejoice in their strengths, to stop and slow down, to enjoy the smallest of moments.

As we head into another school year, It delights my heart to see my Oldest LOVING school again. She has dreaded school since 2nd grade. I have not seen her THIS excited about school in a LONG time! The Boy informed me taht the Ninja Turtles and Jedi need to stop school because school is dangerous, and the youngest told me that “she is just terrible at everything school related”. It is going to be another interesting, challenging year. I am ready though…Ready to fight if need be, to do whatever I can to make sure my kids have a good year, and get the education they need, with the supports in place to ensure they do the best THEY Can to their Individual Abilities. At the end of the day, that is all I can do. With Lots of Love, Prayer, and Patience, this too shall pass.



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