Autism Awareness~30 Days of Snapshots 2012: Day 3

Snapshots, moments frozen in time…Precious memories…

This is day three in our Journey into what Autism Awareness means to me.

If you would like to start at the beginning…..

Day 1, 2012

Day 2,2012

Last year as we walked this snapshot journey, Our Husky, beloved dog and Friend Passed away and all three kids had a REALLY hard time dealing with the loss…(See Day 12,2011  and “How do I help them to say Goodbye?” )

The Healing Process began when a Friend gave my Youngest a Cherished stuffed animal, lovingly named “Wolfina” who goes EVERYWHERE with her…

The Healing Continued as we spent time on my Parent’s Farm…

surrounded by LOTS of Love and animals

*Helping Grandpa let the Cows out after Milking*

*Dak and Uncle Dave with Uncle Dave’s Dog…Buddy*

perhaps the biggest Highlight of the whole trip ( for the kids anyway) was getting to meet Aunt Hilary’s Horse, Cash…

There is something Amazing and beautiful to watch when my children get on the farm, and spend thier time around the animals. There is a wonderful connection, and I see a different side of my kids, almost like for brief moments in time Autism fades into the background, never completely gone, but it’s like relating to the animals relaxes them….the animals don’t judge, they just love, maybe that is the reason my kids seem to relax more around animals than people, they can just BE…

This past Christmas, after much discussion, and many months of listening to the kids ask for a new dog, and many tears over missing Fang, we decided to get them a pair of Black Lab Puppies for Christmas….

To the Beloved animals that lick tears away, Play fetch, Run, bring HUGE smiles and Laughter….

Our Family would not be complete without you….

You seem to understand when each kid needs to snuggle..

or run and jump…

You make LOTS of noise to let me know when something is just not quite right….

You Protect, Love, Play….all without question or judgement.

Trying to explain the loss of our Beloved Fang to Dak was ( and continues to be hard) but Beauty and Beast have stolen our hearts and are helping heal the ache.

♥Forever in Our Hearts…we Miss you Fang♥