In the Midst of Chaos….

The past few weeks have been more of a rollercoaster than usual. confirmation that I have not one, but two children on the Autism spectrum combined with obvious signs that Dak-man is hitting puberty head on have turned my world topsy turvy. In the middle of all this madness, I got one of the greatest gifts EVER.

We are fast approaching one of the busiest ( as in we are NEVER home) times of year for us. anyone who knows us knows that from March to sometime in June, if you need us, look at the ballfield. With all three kids playing, we have often joked about just setting up a tent. Last Saturday we did the whole annual trek to two different ballfields for registration….2 girls for softball, and the Boy for Miracle League ( one of the BEST things to EVER happen to our lives). The non stop asking of “Mom, is it softball season yet?” or “I go play Baseball”  ceased and the count-down began. All three kids were on cloud nine, and getting along…pure bliss. They got to see friends they only get to see during ball season, and the smiles did not stop all day.

When we returned home, something spectacular and VERY rare happend…a moment I will cherish. It was one of those “lock it away in my heart for the not so good days” kind of moments. At Dak’s request, all FIVE of us sat down in the living room and watched not one…but TWO Movies…TOGETHER. There was no arguing over the remote. There was no “Dak Sit down!” There was no ” I don’t wanna watch this”. Dak even asked to “snuggle-buggle”, something he has not done since he was 5.

In the middle of complete tospy turvy, roller coaster life on the autism spectrum, we had a wonderful…almost “Normal” ( HATE that word) day. I actually had tears in my eyes at one point, and it is a day I will NEVER forget!!!


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