There IS Hope!

This is my son, who just happens to have autism….

because as you read I want you to SEE the HOPE

I want you to SEE that Autism is NOT the end of the world….


It is a Powerful thing! When someone loses hope, it is dangerous. Hearing the phrase “Your child has autism” Can be a very devestating thing to a parent, it’s true. The road is hard, it is an uphill battle, this I wont deny. There is grief, anger, sadness, days I feel overwhelmed. I cry, scream “Why??” , but I cling to HOPE. NOBODY , not a Doctor, Family members, even strangers, should EVER lead a parent raising a special needs child to think there is “No hope”. Phrases like “That child will ruin your life” should NEVER EVER be uttered, and yet, they are. I know, I have heard those very words.

It is when phrases like ” That child will never do…( insert whatever)” or “That child will ruin your life” or “raising a child with autism will destroy your marriage” that steal hope. And when Hope is taken away, horrible tragedies like this happen….

On May 31st of 2010, Stephanie Rochester – according to her own report to police – placed a plastic bag over her 6 month-old son, Rylan’s head.

She told police that when the infant was still breathing some time later, she placed blankets over his face. The child was dead by morning.

According to the Colorado Daily, “During the initial investigation last summer, Rochester told detectives that she believed her baby, Rylan, was autistic, and that having an autistic child would emotionally and financially “ruin” her life.” ….

Yes, Raising a child with autism is expensive, and yes it can be emotionally draining, BUT It is also the most rewarding wonderfully beautiful journey! The first time my son said “Mommy”, at age 4…the child the Doctor told me would probably NEVER speak…that was one of the most beautiful moments, one of many I have had on this journey. Watching my child slowly come out of his “own little world” and start to discover the world around him is amazing!

We as a society have a responsibilty to STOP looking at the glass as half empty when it comes to the diagnosis of Autism. It is NOT the end of the world! There IS HOPE! We, as the Blogging Mommas of children with Autism NEED to share our stories, the good AND the bad. when we reach out, it lets others who may be just starting this journey, or who are losing hope KNOW they are NOT alone! I am thankful that even in the midst of ALL the negative voices I have swirling around me telling me “He is ruining your life” I have had  constant POSITIVE Voices combating those words that would steal hope, restoring Hope when I lose sight of it.

My Friend and fellow Blogging Momma over at Diary of a mom also touches on this in her post today, below is an excerpt from her Post.

“….We can support one another. We can show those who don’t see the beauty that accompanies the challenges that there is joy in this life. That there is sweetness and faith and celebration and grace in raising a child – or children – with autism.

We can rise above our divisions and come together as a community – a welcoming, respectful, compassionate community that promises to hold each other up through the darkest days.

We can continue to tell our stories.

… to demystify autism.

… to reclaim the word and to reveal the incredible PEOPLE behind it.

… to open the curtains and illuminate the full spectrum of people who stand behind them.

… to personalize our stories – our children’s stories.

… to make people understand that difference is not just OK, but necessary to our survival.

… to get immediate help for those who live far beyond the realm of simple ‘difference’.

… to address the greatest fears of parents – by creating a system that will not just house our children, but will CARE for them when we are gone.

… to find out why autism diagnoses continue to explode.

… to change that.

… NOW.”

Thank you Jess, and the other Blogging Mommas in my circle who help remind me when I lose hope, that it is still there, for reminding me to slow down and smell the roses, that to see the rainbows, we gotta go through the storms, and sometimes, you just gotta dance in the rain!

My youngest daughter is in the Christmas play at our church, and the song they are ending with seems to just “fit ” here, so I leave you with this ….

“So Carry your candle, run to the darkness
Seek out the lonely, the tired and worn
Hold out your candle for all to see it
Take your candle, go light your world
Take your candle, go light your world”

If you need support, please, please click on the links below to find local autism resource networks.

There is no more noble act than reaching out for help.

ASA Chapters by state

Autism Speaks Resources by state

Welcome to the Club

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