He really doesn’t miss anything….at all!

Wow, ok, so yeah, it has been a while since I wrote anything…and my wordless Wednesday posts have been sporadic at best. I suppose the best strategy at this point is to focus on what is fresh in my mind….on Yesterday’s adventure with my two youngest to yet another Doctor. This time My Husband went with me, it was a 2 hour trip, one way. I packed toys, snacks, the DVD player. I filled out the paperwork in advance. I stressed and fussed over every detail, but ultimately, the one factor I could not control was ” How would Dak react to yet another Doctor?”,  ” Would this be another disaster of me leaving feeling like my son’s autism is my fault?” .  After one too many negative experiences with Doctors over the course of this journey, my mind raced the entire drive up.

I had to laugh as we drove past where we usually would exit to go visit a well loved member of our Military family and from the back seat Dak stated ” turn here Daddy”. I have a hard time remembering details like what exit to take, but not Dak, He knew, and doesn’t forget ANYTHING!

After finding where we were going, finding a parking spot, my husband and I walked the two youngest of our three treasures into the building,  located the correct office, and I signed us in, while Dak announced, for the whole waiting room to here “Daddy, I go Potty?”. I had to laugh, really could not fuss, we had, afterall, been on the road for 2 hours.

Without too much waiting, and all bathroom breaks handled, they called us back, and Dak in true form paced…exploring every square foot of the Doctor’s office. That’s when it happened. My amazing child and his Powers of Observation spotted a Webkinz Pug sitting on one of the shelves behind the Doctor’s desk, and he began to unravel. He wanted desperately to get his hands on that toy. At that moment a couple of things happened. The Doctor reacted beautifully, telling Dak that if he was good, and sat through the examination, He would get to hug the pug ( this is brilliant on multiple levels because on the webkinz website there is a song “Hug a Pug” which Dak listens to to exhaustion!). This was also the moment when I noticed my youngest was less than happy, she was in fact, very nervous about this appointment. As I moved to reassure her, I was extremely glad my husband had come with us, as He time and again intercepted Dak’s attempts to get to the desired toy.

We made it through Dak’s portion of the visit, and Dak got to hold the Pug. As we moved on to the princess, out of the corner of my eye I saw Dak repeatedly attempt to figure out how to take the pug home, and Daddy intervene and explain that he could Visit the pug next time we come to the office. The Doctor picked up on how nervous the princess was about this whole new adventure ( she had never seen a neurologist before) and put her right at ease, repeatedly referring to her as Princess, to which she giggled, and talking to her about her doll, Josephina, who went with us.

It was time to leave, and Dak did NOT want to say goodbye to the Pug. While I handled paperwork for following visits, and for the Princess’s x-rays, my husband wrestled with Dak. Finally we decided to divide and conquer. He took Dak to the truck while I took the princess to get her x-rays done in hopes of finding out what has been causing her pain for far too long.

When the princess and I got back to the parking Garage and we started the trip home, I asked my husband how Things went with Dak, and he told me that Dak was full blown meltdown as he was fighting with trying to get our parking validated. As he fought with the parking garage “pay your parking” machine, and tried to deal with Dak, several people waiting behind them were giving him dirty looks, until one lady stepped up and asked if she could help. When my husband explained ” I don’t think so, He has Autism and he is just overwhelmed and scared” the lady replied ” I guessed that, I drive a bus for special needs children”. My husband told me that as the others behind him heard that conversation all the dirty looks stopped. Even if Dak didn’t let this lady help calm him down, she helped just by stepping up and reaching out, and for that I am thankful.

It was a VERY Long, exhausting day complete with meltdowns, but overall it was a good day, and we ( I hope) have finally found a neurologist who “gets it”. Now we get to wait for answers on the Princess, and for when we will be making our next trip to get Dak’s EEG and MRI done as trying to get those PLUS the princess’s x-rays all done in one day proved to be just too much.