the Much anticipated, annual birthday adventure

Today was the day. The annual, Highly anticipated Birthday adventure to Toys R us with Dak. It is traditionally a Daddy day, but this year I got to go along as Dak was beyond Hyper and Daddy was tired after a long day at work.  Dak knew exactly what He wanted. He had been talking non stop about this for MONTHS! We got in the store and he went straight to it, the stuffed animal aisle, webkinz. For the first year they actually had one of the webkinz ON his wishlist IN stock, SCORE!

The three of us wandered around the store a bit, Dak with his prized webkinz Grizzly bear tucked securely under his arm as Daddy and I tried, to no avail, to find out what one other item he wanted. All he cared about was “I go buy Grizzly and go home.” We looked at the Star Wars stuff, usually a hit…no luck tonight. Toy Story, same thing. Iron Man, Spiderman…still no luck. We guided our impatient boy and his treasure in the direction of the animal planet aisle, usually a instant success, but not tonight. He tugged at my arm ” I go check out Mom”.

Daddy and I suggested favorite after favorite, but the boy had a one track mind. Finally, getting tired and remembering I still had to go pick up a prescription from the pharmacy before bedtime, I said “how about a movie?”. Dak stopped a moment, and then said “Okay!” and proceeded to practically drag me to the movie Aisle, with Daddy not far behind. While Daddy and I browsed the movie selection, Dak took all of 5 seconds to find exactly what He wanted. “go home now?”

We smiled, and nodded and guided Him towards the check out line. I handed Him off to daddy as I dug His gift card (To the family member who sent it, THANK YOU!)  out of my purse. The check out line is always the hardest part for Him. Lets face it, Patience is not a strong point. Ahead of us in line, a baby started to cry. I could see it on his face, Dak was not thrilled “SHHH, be quiet” he stated. I was thankful he didn’t yell it.  The baby kept crying. “Don’t cry”. He said a little louder, his hands going to his ears. I held my breath, silently praying we could get through this without a meltdown. The family with the crying baby left. Dak started to calm down, though he was less than thrilled with still having to stand in line.

That’s when it happened….a connection was made. the Mom in front of us turned and started a conversation. She mentioned that her son was in speech therapy and did not speak at all till he was three. Dak fidgeted, her son was watching him closely. My husband said something to the effect of Dak had stopped talking at 2 years old ( actually it was 18 months, but the connection was made). That brief moment between three parents standing in the check out line at Toys R Us. Her son has speech delay and sensory issues, our has autism, but what an amazing feeling talk to someone who “gets it” who smiles at his insistence the baby “be quiet” rather than turn and frown or give some judgmental remark.

Then it was our turn to check out. Dak reluctantly released the bear and movie to the cashier. She smiled at him, having just heard the entire conversation between us and the lady ahead of us, and said “Don’t worry sweetie, I am going to scan him with this (shows him the scanner thingy) and put him in the bag and get him safely back to you.”  He smiled and nodded.

With His Birthday treasures securely in hand, we headed for the parking lot. My sweet boy literally bubbling with joy. He skipped, bounced, and turned to Daddy and I and said “Thank you all for helping”, and we all headed for home where Dak made a bee-line for the computer, eager to log into webkinz, and adopt his new friend, happily named “chiefGrizzly”. We retrieved the bear from it’s packaging, only to notice something important was missing. The webkinz secret code to adopt the critter online was nowhere to be found. Dak began to pace, a storm was brewing. I quickly retrieved the receipt, talked Dak into giving me the precious bear, and headed back to Toys R Us.

Upon arriving at the customer service desk, I explained to the sales lady that the secret code was issing, and she asked “so you want to return it?” I replied, “I would like to exchange it please? I was just in here not 5 minutes ago with my son for his birthday, and he is at home on the borderline of a full-blown, autistic meltdown.” She nodded and waved her hand towards the back of the store “go get the webkinz you want and bring it back to me here and we will get it straightened out.”

My Birthday boy and His newly purchased treasures


Happy Birthday my beautiful Boy!


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