What I did this summer….(Part Two: The Wedding)

My first segment in this series of posts was sort of an introduction, a brief summary so to speak. I mentioned how much it means to have the blessing of having my parent’s farm to “escape to”…

Then there are the major events each trip brings, our list of “Goals to accomplish” on our short time up there. This year it was a wedding, and meeting their cousins for the first time EVER, two HUGE moments, two goals that I was very unsure how Dak would react.

I planned every step of taking Dak to the wedding. I worried, I made sure he knew well ahead of time what he would be wearing. My mom helped me write a social story. My brother and his girlfriend stepped up to help keep him calm and quiet through the ceremony. We showed Him the church days in advance. We pulled out family photo albums and showed all three kids photos of people they might see, or have to interact with at the wedding, relatives I only see every few years, whom the kids may never have even met before.

We arrived at the church early, to ensure that we would have a spot to sit as the church is small, and the guest list was long. It was hot, and the kids grumbled about being hot, and bored, but over all they did well. The plan was for my brother and his girlfriend to help with Dak, for 2 reasons 1) he sometimes listens better to others than he does to me, and 2) I was hoping to be able to take as many photos as possible ( though I was mentally prepared that if he melted down, my camera would just have to get put away).

It was an emotional day for me. The Bride is my cousin, Julie. I was a teenager when she was born, babysat her, she graduated kindergarten the year I graduated High school. Needless to say, she holds a very special place in my heart. She was a breathtakingly beautiful bride, and if she was a bundle of nerves, she hid it well. The love between her and Matt is obvious, in his face as she walked down the aisle, in the way they look at each other….

All the preparation paid off. Dak did well through the ceremony, and even cooperated for family Photos….

*Trying to get 6 kids ages 14 to 2 to hold still for a photo…yeah riiight!*

(But I love how their vibrant personalities and energy came shining through)

My Parents and all six of their grandchildren together for the first time EVER!

It was not until we got to the reception that he began to unravel, but I could not blame him. It was hot, he was tired, and had been in dress clothes and a tie ALL day ( a huge accomplishment in and of itself!!)

All in all , it was an amazingly memorable day. My cousin’s wedding, my kids meeting their cousins for the first time EVER, watching my mom with all six grandchildren brought tears of joy to my eyes. I will write more about the time with cousins in my next post, but for now, I will leave you with this….

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away”



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