What I did this summer….(Part one)

In light of my kids going back to school this week, my youngest has been doing a lot of “what I did this summer” type assignments, and that got me thinking it might be a fun way to try and catch up on all that has happened in the past month.  There are so many stories, so much that happened, all packed in to such a small amount of time, so I think I will just focus on the moments that stick in my memory. Yes, we moved into a bigger house, and we went on a long road trip to visit my parents….and the road trip is where I think I will begin, though that short period of time in and of itself contains A LOT of moments, of memories, of emotions.  My kids met their cousins for the first time. We went to my cousin’s wedding. Both of these Major moments are the whole reason we made the trip…in the middle of moving to a new house, right before school starts…in the first place.

There are simply not enough words to express the emotions, to even begin to cover the moments that took my breath away while the kids and I were at my parent’s farm. Watching all three kids on the farm is like stepping back in time, to my own childhood.

They help my dad with anything and everything he will let them help with, from letting the cows out after milking, to feeding the calves, washing the Milk Tank, to scraping the barn floor.

*Time to feed the Calves*

Dak is like a different child when he is on the farm.

The animals and Dak have this amazing connection….

*Dak letting the cows out after Milking*

… and I get a glimpse of what it would be like in a world without Autism.  It still manages to rear its head though….we had meltdowns, we still see the obsession with the computer, the one track mindset. We still have to use visual aids, and plan out his vacation schedule on a calendar that he can cross the days off on. Autism goes with us, even to that safe haven he knows as “Grandpa’s Farm”, but It seems to slow down a bit, to go into hiding, even briefly. We know its there, but I get moments where I get to watch my boy simply be a 11 year old boy, and for those moments, I am grateful.


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