One day at a time…

Whew!!! Ok, so I am well aware that it has been over a month since I wrote anything, and that my last post was full of change, and stress.  A lot has happened in the last month, and I know I can’t possibly fit it all into one post.

We are settling into our new home nicely, and the kids have started back to school, all three of them in new schools this year. We went to visit my parents before school started, in the middle of trying to move. There was a 20+ hour car drive (ONE way) involved, a wedding we got through with the help of a Social story and LOTS of Family support, horse rides, LOTS of time helping Grandpa in the barn, meeting cousins for the first time EVER, and Oh so much more!! We have been dealing with transportation issues due to bus schedules being mixed up, and have not yet settled into the back to school routine, as it is all still kinda up in the air until the bus schedules get sorted.

The long and the short of it is, the dust is beginning to settle around here again, and I may actually have time to breathe…and to start writing again!! I will elaborate more on some of the events mentioned above soon, but for now, this is just to let you all know, we are still here, taking life on this journey with autism one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time, and are doing ok , adjusting to the head on collision this summer brought us with Unavoidable changes to an unchangeable routine, with LOTS of Prayer, Patience, some tears, meltdowns, and the whole roller coaster of emotions.


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