Unavoidable change, unchangeable routine

Change…It is unavoidable. Life changes. We Grow, we move, we have to learn to say goodbye. What happens when unavoidable change collides with a Family raising a child living on the Autsim spectrum?

It is quite interesting, actually, and very exhausting at times. The Meltdowns hit an extreme level. The very level of all that is known is challenged. For a barely verbal child, understanding the loss of a beloved pet , well let’s just say it has been 3 months, and He still wants Fang home NOW! This was a type of change I could not even begin to figure out how to prepare Dak for. We knew it was coming, but we had no clue just how soon it was going to happen.

Then there are unavoidable changes like moving up from Elementary school to Jr. High school. This is a type of change we knew exactly when it would happen, and through social stories, touring the new school, and him accompanying me to the Transitional IEP meeting, we have hopefully been able to lay a foundation to prepare Him for this change. Time will tell, it is still summer Vacation.

Then there is last minute, unplanned change, a move to a bigger house. A GOOD thing, and He is excited about his new room. The hard part is he has this thing about boxes of stuff…..He doesn’t like anything to stay packed, wrapped, ect. This would be why Christmas gifts do not get wrapped until December 24th AFTER His melatonin kicks in and He is sound asleep. This also makes it a challenge to pack up a house to prepare for a move.  As the pile of PACKED Boxes grows, so have the meltdowns. This past week has been….interesting to say the least. The combination of moving induced meltdowns, mixed in with sensory meltdowns thanks to daily Thunderstorms ( though I am VERY Glad we are getting some RAIN!) well lets just say, it has made for an explosive mixture.

This year is proving to be a year of change, many wonderful blessings, answers to years of prayer. God is faithful, and I trust Him every step of the way. I Pray that all this change does not send my sweet boy into a total tailspin ( saw the re-appearance this week of the lining up of all things similar..toy animals…Cars….trains…Star wars toys…..) I anticipate SOME regression, It is a lot to process, even for ME….new house, new neighborhood, new schools…. I just don’t want to see regression so bad that all the progress we have seen in the past year gets lost.

When unavoidable change collides with unchangeable routines, it gets messy.  A part of me wants to curl up in a corner and hide till its over, to pull my knees in close and just fall apart and cry. Dak needs me to be calm though, my girls need me to be calm. They needs me to guide them through all the changes of new house, new neighborhood, new schools.  We have survived moving in the past. He has adjusted to the changes it brought before, I pray we can get him through it again, without me completely losing my sanity…without me completely unraveling.


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