Of Earrings, Milkshakes, and Carousel Ponies

When our Oldest Daughter was born, my husband and I discussed the option some do of getting their daughter’s ears pierced while they are babies, and decided it would be best to wait until she got old enough to take care of them herself, and to understand she can’t pull them out of her ears. So I waited.

Fast forward to present day, I now have 2 girls. My Oldest has declared she does not, in any way, even want to think about the possibility of considering getting her ears pierced. This was stated in no uncertain terms sometime around her 10th birthday. There was a part of me that was disappointed, but I respected her decision. My Youngest turned 9 this year, and announced in March that she wanted her ears pierced. We told her she would have to wait, as we had jut entered softball season, and she can’t wear ANY Jewelry on the ball field, and so, she waited, not very patiently, but she waited.

Today, I surprised her with a trip to the mall, just me and her. No Older sister to boss her around. No Big Brother who mom has to watch like a hawk. No Autism, no meltdowns, just me and my Princess, and what a wonderful afternoon it was.

When we got to Claires, and she figured out what I was up to, she got a Little nervous and asked me if it would hurt, and wanted to know how they were going to pierce her ears.  I told her that yes, It would hurt, but that it would be over before she knew it, and the lady who did the piercing was very nice, and talked to her every step of the way and after the first ear was pierced, and all she did was flinch a bit “Ow that hurt”, she looked at me with not a hint of a tear and said “That wasn’t too bad, next!”

Her reaction to the first ear drew a crowd of mother’s and their daughters, with the moms saying “look, she didn’t even cry, are you sure you don’t want to get your ears pierced today?”

After getting her ears pierced, with Hello Kitty Earrings, we wandered around the store for a bit….

*Looking at all the earrings…*

*Coolest Sunglasses Ever!*

*4th of July Tiara*

*Headband which prompted an adorable little dance*

(This ended up coming home with us :P)

Loaded up with her ear care kit, 4th of July Headbands for her and her sister, and wearing our Mother Daughter necklaces, we headed out into the mall in search of a Milkshake….

*Watching the making of her cookies and cream milkshake*

While walking through the mall, sharing our milkshake, we saw these really cool masks in a store, and wandered in for a closer look….

*She insisted I try one on too, and on taking My Picture….I am glad she did :-)*

Our last stop before heading home was the Carousel, because well, you just can’t do a Mommy Daughter day at the mall without riding the Carousel. But the attendant was away on break, so we sat down at a table to finish our milkshake and wait….

When the attendant came back , he informed us that he had to go get some quarters from the office, and asked if we would mind waiting a few minutes longer. I explained to Him politely that we had already been waiting, and He said if we would wait, when he got back, we could ride for free, so we sat back down to wait some more. It was well worth the wait. I had not planned on riding with her….but with the help of the attendant, she talked me into it….

(Ok, Ok, so not the best photo in the world…but I was trying to fit BOTH us in the shot, as the Carousel was going round, with our ponies going up and down  opposite each other…LOL)

*My Princess*

After the Carousel, we headed for the parking lot, the way too hot truck, and home. As SOON as we walked in the door, Dak informed me that it was time to go outside, and sure enough, it was 5:00…He was right. We were back to the organized chaos that is home. The spell was broken, but the magic of the memories will last forever. It was a wonderful day spent with my precious princess.


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