A Marine and a Princess

It has been an interesting week around here. Much needed rain has confined my kids indoors, and forced them to find ways to get along more than usual. Today was no different. I found myself fighting not to laugh as I once again had to try and explain to Dak that his sisters are really, not evil…..

Dak: “I am a Marine” (as he comes out of his room wearing one of Daddy’s old Uniform Blouses and armed with a toy Pistol)

he looks at Shawna “Your the Alien”
Shawna: “I am NOT an alien, I am a Princess!!!!!”

and so the day of dress up and pretend play went. The fact that they were, for the most part, getting along was a pretty big deal, but the fact that Dak was not only participating in Pretend Play, but INITIATING it, well that is HUGE! My Oldest daughter was in on it all too, as a knight, but well, she is good at hiding from the camera, being a teenager and all.

The moment didn’t last very long, as Dak quickly moved on to drawing pictures at his desk, and the girls to playing Barbies, but it was one of those precious laughter filled moments that I will cherish. Even now, as I type this, the sweet music of my children’s laughter fills the house. How precious it is, and I am thankful that God gives me days like this as a reminder that , while yes, the bad days are well, horrible and feel impossibly hard, it’s days like today that make it all worth the fight.


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