A Tribute to Dad: Part 2

Today is Father’s day and yes, I know I wrote a post on this yesterday, but there was more that needed to be said……

As I have gotten older, this day has grown harder in some ways. Every year since I moved away from home, there was always phone calls to make to my Dad, my Father in Law, and to both of my Grandfathers. The past few years, it has just been to my dad and my Father in Law. Both of my grandfathers have gone home to be with our heavenly Father. I miss them both greatly here on earth, but the lessons and memories live on, In Loving Memory.

This year, I am taken back in my thoughts to 2 years ago, when I had the amazing honor of calling my Dad, on Father’s day, to share with him the joy that my oldest Daughter had just been baptized.  What a Tremendous blessing that was to share with him.  His Faith, and Prayers and love are part of why I am who I am today, and has been passed on to my own children.

This year my thoughts turn to events of a year ago, when a Family close to my heart released their son into God’s loving arms, as He went home to be with our Heavenly Father, on Father’s Day.  I remember the heartache, and pain. I remember asking “why?”. we had all prayed so hard for healing.  I remember the till small voice I heard as I wept, ” He IS fully Healed, and look around you…I am here with you, as I am in China, and Rwanda, and Tanzania, and Kuwait, and NY and all over the world…even as you all came together in prayer for David, and His family. Most of you have never met,  because you love me, I am with you and I will not leave you.” My heart was shattered, and I wept with my friends for the loss of their son, brother, Uncle, boyfriend, and friend, my friend…yet my spirit rejoiced as I saw David , with His heart of worship, dancing. Today, a year later, I pray God’s Peace and love surround them and comfort them.

Today, my thoughts turn to my friends who have recently lost their fathers.Who are grieving today. Cherish the memories you have and I pray that God’s love and comfort surround you today, and every day.

I am reminded this year of just how precious each moment is.  We never know what the next second may bring. Don’t put off telling those you love how you feel because tomorrow may be too late.

My Thoughts turn to the Military Families. Those away from their kids on Father’s Day.  I find myself rejoicing with my friend , as her husband returned home yesterday, just in time to spend Father’s day with his little girl.

To all those DAD’s who CHOSE to love a child who is not theirs by blood, but who stepped up and took on the role,  Today is for you guys too. I think you all are a very special class of people.

“Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad.”  ~Author Unknown

To the Dads raising special needs children, especially my husband, who stands by me as we walk this difficult road, and my uncle and cousin who are both raising their special needs kids as single Fathers, I know the road is hard, but I have seen how deep your love for your kids is. You guys are treasured, and are doing an amazing job!

To DADS everywhere who are sacrificing, loving, and giving of themselves, Happy Father’s Day.




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