Thank you Lord for My Mom

Mother’s day is fast approaching, and as usual, my thoughts turn to my mom. We did not have the best relationship when I was a teenager, and well, lets face it, I was Horrible!! (Sorry Mom!)

Thankfully, we have mended broken bridges, and she is now one of my best friends, she is who I call when I need a shoulder to cry on, she is who I call with good news, bad news, prayer requests, or just simply when I feel overwhelmed and can only muster the word “HELP!”.

My Mother has taught me more than she may ever realize about being a mom.  I remember my parents opening our home up to others in need, even when we did not have much to offer. I remember Prayer, and faith being a daily part of my childhood.  My mom taught me the value of TIME, and that spending TIME with my kids is far more important than any Toys bought, that housework can wait, but my kids grow up WAY to fast. She showed me that spending TIME with my kids is not about spending money on them, but about DOING things with them, Playing games, reading books, Baking Cookies, going for walks.

*My wedding Day*

My Mom also taught me that Marraige is work, that loving someone doesn’t mean you ALWAYS agree with them, but that compromise and communication are KEY, that sometimes you have to be willing to admit you were wrong, and that just because things get hard, you don’t quit, you stand together, united as a couple, even when it means facing something like kicking one of your children ( yeah , I am talking about myself here) out of your home because they refuse to listen to reason and have chosen the wrong path. She also showed me that, even when your child takes the wrong path, you don’t stop loving them, you don’t give up on them, you don’t stop praying they will come back. She never gave up on me, and she is part of the reason I am here today, walking in Faith, and clinging daily to prayer, to God for my strength.

*USMC Boot Camp Graduation*

My mom has been a HUGE part of my support structure since hearing the words “Your son has Autism”.  She helps me get through the hard days, and rejoices with me in even the smallest of accomplishments. We may live miles apart, but when she comes to visit, or we go to visit her, she always does everything she can to make sure I get a break. She shows my children the same unconditional love she has shown me through the years, she loves them all equally, and encourages them to celebrate their differences, to accept WHO God made them to be.

*God Made you Special, and He loves you Very much!*

My mom has seen me at my worst, she has been there through my darkest hours, and has celebrated my biggest triumphs with me.  She is more than just my mom, she is one of my Heros. I wish That I could hug her in person on Mother’s day, but she will have to take this blog post, and a phone call. I Love you Mommy, Thank you for everything you do for us.


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