Sometimes you gotta know how to pick your battles

My Husband and I usually take the divide and conquer approach on nights like tonight. He takes the girls to their softball practices and I stay home with Dak, or vice versa, but He is away for two weeks for his annual National Guard training, so since Thursday I have loaded up ball gear, all three kids, and off we have gone. Dak has done quite well (for the most part) though He is less than thrilled about his routine being thrown all out of whack.  He showed me yesterday just how done he was with a meltdown that lasted MOST of the afternoon, but he made it until we got home from church, and Grammy’s house first!

Tonight we headed out to the ballfield as my oldest had practice. thing is, being that she is older, their practices are generally from 8-9pm. This poses HUGE problems for Dak as he is in bed by 8. Still, he did quite well for the first half hour…

sort of…..

I Told him about 10 times to stay OUT of the dirt ( we needed to stop at the store on the way home)

But I gave up ….

He was Happy, and Quiet, and in ONE spot….

then his shoes came off….

I tried to coax Him to put them back on…

but again, this was not a battle worth fighting….

He proceeded to cover his legs and arms in dirt…

“Look Mommy, I am a bear” He said

I Could not help but smile….

I DID manage to talk him out of covering his face with dirt….mostly

then my bear tried to climb a tree….

and got frustrated…

then things went downhill….Fast

He decided He was ready for bed….

and soon was bolting for the road…and home…

we ended up sitting in the truck till I got Him calmed down…..

then he went back by the ball field and sat down to watch Sara Practice….

meanwhile….Shawna made a “Dirt Cake”….

and watched Sara Practice…..

and my little bear curled up in a tree to go to sleep….

We are now home, and after much protesting, the bear got a bath, and I got my Dak-man back. He is now peacefully sleeping in his bed and all is right with the world. We are missing Daddy very much, but are thankful it is only two weeks. Hoping and praying the rain stays away tomorrow so my youngest will be able to play her softball game, AND Celebrate her 9th birthday with her team. I Thank the Lord for giving me the patience and strength I need to face each challenge that arises, to help my kids through missing Daddy, and through the heartache they are still struggling with since our dog died 2 weeks ago.


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