Siblings and Autism:’unsung heros of autism.’

This is something that eats at me almost daily. a subject near and dear to my heart. I have THREE kids. one happens to have autism. It breaks my heart when my husband and i have to take turns at the girls ballgames because one of us has to stay home with their brother…..or when we have to leave a friend’s party early because he is falling apart on sensory overload.

I worry that they will grow up and resent Him. I fight to make sure they get quality time with me and Daddy. I do everything I can to make sure they get to go to youth group and AWANA, to sleep-overs at friends houses, to try and make sure they have lives outside of Autism.

I fear that I am not doing enough, and I pray daily that God will Guide my steps as I try to raise the three precious gifts He gave me.

Please Click on this link and watch the Video ( don’t know any other way to do this) Siblings and Autism:’unsung heros of autism.’ and Thank you, Jim Watkins PIX for helping shine the light on this!

*Follow up to this:(April 10,2011) Jim Watkins posted a Follow up on His Blog


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