What Awareness Means to Me (via Red Shoes, Autism Blues, and Pinks, and Purples…)

I Could not have said this better myself!! I dread the moments that test my resolve, but LOVE and live for the moments that melt my heart..my camera ( both my mental one, and my actual Camera) stand ready to capture the moments when my son is shining at his best, and even catches some of the not so good. It catches the moments when my two girls openly accept their brother, and all three are on the floor in fits of laughter, the days when He is outside, accepted by the kids on our street, as they adapt to His way of playing ball, or help him go on a safari hunt, asking what animal are we hunting today…The friends who come and sit on the bleachers, in the sun to watch Him, and other Disabled kids get the chance to play Baseball, who “get it” and cheer as he skips around the bases…to all of you in my world who Love ALL three of my children, who see PAST the Autism, who stand by us through meltdowns, through moments of avoiding social contact, just for those moments when he DOES let you in, Thank you!

The blank screen sits before me, glowing brightly, almost taunting me. Neener, neener, neener.  You’ve got nothing. Not true.  So, not true.  A low blow.  A cheap shot.  Very cheap indeed. I am however, searching a bit.  I’m searching for the perfect words to convey the emotion that the title of this piece evokes in me.  I’m looking for words that will be worthy of such a title. What Awareness Means to Me. There’s so much to be said.  There’s so … Read More

via Red Shoes, Autism Blues, and Pinks, and Purples…


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