the Rollercoaster

Military wife, special needs mom, both jobs are challenging, full of highs and lows. add them together in one not so neat package, and you get one wild roller coaster ride! This past week, my husband was gone for a week of training, and I was home with our three children. It is the beginning of softball season for my girls, so we had a week packed with school, softball practices, Dr’s appointments and daddy gone.

Sunday was spent quietly at home. The kids turned my living room into a fort, and laughed and played. it had not yet sunk in that we had taken Daddy to the airport earlier that morning. Monday arrived with a Dr. appointment for Dak. He was meeting his new Dr. for the first time, and I was nervously hopeful that it would go well. He was TERRIFIED of his old Dr. and past Dr’s apts had been a fight. This one went 100 times better! He jabbered happily the whole time, mostly in his own language, we affectionately call”Dakese”, He HUGGED the Dr.! yup, it was a good morning.  then we had to face softball practice that night.My son protested LOUDLY to having to sit at the ball field and watch his big sister’s softball practice Monday night at the time he is usually heading for bed. His routine had been officially blown out of the water. By the time we got home, I was in tears. I missed my husband, the kids were at war with each other, how was I ever going to make it a week. Somehow I got them all to sleep Monday night, and we faced Tuesday head on.

Tuesday started off rough. I overslept, and had to rush to get the kids off to school.  Dak did NOT want to go to school, missed the bus. I got the girls out the door, and loaded a protesting Dak into the truck and we headed for school. I was certain I would be back up at the school by noon, but off we went anyway. I had to try, and trust that He would have a good day. I Explained to His teacher that Daddy was out of town, and his routine was blown clean out of the water for the week, left Him in her very capable hands, and headed back home. The house was eerily quiet with the kids gone. Granted , I am used to this any other day of the week, yet this week it just gave me time to think about how badly I missed my husband. The Blessing came around 2 that afternoon. Dak’s teacher called me to tell me that He had a good day for the most part. I had been bracing for a phone call saying He was out of sorts, so this was a very good thing! Tuesday’s blessing also included a friend taking the thought process out of dinner.

Wednesday arrived with stormy weather, Thunder storms and LOTS of rain. The oldest went off to school, but the younger two ended up home with me. The youngest had been up most of the night missing Daddy, and Dak…well Thunder sends His sensory issues through the roof, and when added to missing Daddy, was NOT a good combination. We hunkered down for a rainy day, and watched movies and listened to the storm rage outside. The good thing in all that was that due to the rain…we did not have to face the ball field that night. Softball Practice had been rescheduled.

We had made it through half the week, and as Thursday arrived, I was a mess emotionally, but had kicked into survivor mode. I had not slept in almost a week, but was pushing onward. The youngest had softball practice Thursday night, so after school, I rushed to get dinner ready early so we could eat before ball, set the older 2 up to play on the computer, and headed out the door with softball gear and my 8 year old in tow. It was a COLD windy night for ball, but it was a GOOD night. I got to focus on just one child for a brief moment, got some adult conversation, and started to feel a little bit less stressed. It was Thursday night, I had made it this far, I was going to be ok after all!

Friday was an interesting Day. Dak told EVERYONE who would listen “Daddy home tomorrow!” and when I say everyone, I mean everyone…His teacher, the bus driver, His sister’s softball team. Friday night brought us back to the ballfield, but I came prepared this time. We brought Dak’s portable DVD Player, His two favorite movies,  crayons and coloring books, the light bright, and his buzz light-year snuggie ( it was still COLD out) . It was a good night, we made it through softball practice without any meltdowns, and headed home for the night.  The hardest part was trying to get the kids to bed each night. They all missed daddy, and there was nothing I could do to fix that. the lack of sleep had taken it’s toll on all of us.

It was Saturday morning, and the kids and I faced the day armed with cleaning up the house before Dad got home. They all knew we were set to go to the airport at around 3 that afternoon. I fired up the flight trackers online and we watched as daddy flew from Reno to Denver…then as his flight out of Denver got delayed we started praying.  He did not have enough cushion in Memphis for a delay, His connection was certain to be missed. We prayed hard, and as we watched the flight from Denver to Memphis, it LOOKED like they were making up time lost in flight. My phone rang, He had made it to Memphis.  The crew on his flight from Denver did EVERYTHING they could to help him make his connection. on the flight, he sat next to an 11 year old boy whose parents were also on the plane…seated not far away. When the plane landed, the father of the boy asked that every one stay seated so a young soldier could make his connection to get home. He missed His connection by TWO minutes. The customer service people working the gate got Him AND His luggage re-routed.

While he sat in Memphis waiting for his flight to Atlanta, I got the fun job of explaining to Dak that we were not leaving for the airport at 3, but instead had to wait until 7. “Daddy home at threee” he wailed. I showed Him the flight tracker, and explained again that Daddy’s flight had changed , but that Daddy would, in fact, be home safe, soon. He danced around the house ” Daddy home today YAY!!” He seemed satisfied that even though we did not head for the airport at 3…we were still going to go get Daddy. by 6 that evening, Dak had his shoes on, and had camped at the front door, pacing ” mom, time go get Daddy”. I could not help but smile. we loaded up at 7:15 and headed for the airport, and got there JUST as the flight landed, and had to sit in the cell phone waiting lane ( a really cool idea btw) and wait for Daddy’s call that he was outside ready to go home. Dak didn’t think this was a good idea…”Go around the circle mom” I heard from the backseat immediately followed by “Dak! I brought your DVD Player, Watch your movie!” from my youngest. We drove around the circle again, and parked back in the waiting lane. my phone rang…His luggage was NOT there, but He was ready to come home. the luggage added stress…but that’s another story…my Husband was home! the kids cheered, and off we went. We had survived the roller-coaster! God is AWESOME!


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