Counting my Blessings

Ok, I know I know…It has been a while since I have written anything! I didn’t even manage to get around to writing my “look back at 2010” I started to…I just kept getting interrupted.The all too familiar “Mooom!!!!” or a blood curdling scream from my autistic son…or the sound of my daughters fighting…*sigh* . Thankfully, life goes on even when I can’t find time to write, though I must admit, writing my thoughts down provides a much needed outlet. Anyway…..

My thoughts today are on blessings, a Very specific blessings actually, my friends, my children, and my Husband. The past few weeks have been more overwhelming than usual, and I have found myself reduced to tears repeatedly. Feelings of helplessness, loneliness and isolation have swarmed in to attack me in the midst of problems my son is having at school, Cursive and division disasters with my youngest daughter, and preparing for high school with my socially challenged teenager. It never fails that when we are feeling our most vulnerable, we find ourselves under a barrage of emotional attacks until we feel we need to dive for cover. God is faithful though, when the cover we dive for is His word, He pulls us through, and I have found that prayer through tears this past few weeks has once again, been my rock.

Last week, when I thought I could not handle anymore, when i needed a friend, a break, something….God used what was a hard, bad situation, to bring me one. Our dog ran away ( don’t worry, he is home safe and sound now 🙂 ) and the kids didn’t sleep, nobody did that night. Friends came out of the woodwork to help search for our beloved critter, and it was the reminder I needed that I am , in fact, not alone. It is easy for me to forget that sometimes.

the past two weekends, I have had surprise visits from friends, a front yard FULL of children playing and laughing, ALL three of my children included. The sound of their laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world to me, it is good for my heart, and it was , again, the reminder I needed of why , even on the hardest days, I keep pushing forward, keep pressing on, fighting the good fight.



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