Hummingbirds, Storms, and Faith

It always amazes me how God Uses people in my life to lift me up in the midst of the storms that surround me. People who have never met before, who live in different states, in different parts of the world. I Know God moves in mysterious ways, and that He is everywhere, and knows everything, and yet I have these “WOW” Moments that just leave me in complete Awe…like when I was a small child and My Dad would do something that would leave me thinking “WOW I have the most awesome Dad in the world”.

My sister’s Facebook Status from the other night said “God does not come to take you out of the storm… he calls you out of the boat to walk on the water in the midst of the storm….whether you sink or swim depends on where you choose to fix your eyes” and my brother responded with ” we are to be eagles, but we try to hummingbird are way to it. Our “wings” aren’t made to go 1000 times a minute”.

Then today, my Pastor writes a blog post about How Knowing That God Provides Can Change Your Life, and talks about how God’s faithfulness is there even in the midst of the worst moments in our lives….

“But, fortunately, I am not in charge. God knows what I need and He reveals Himself to me through all kinds of trials amd tribulations that I would never choose under any circumstances. This is what is so amazing about Genesis 22 when God call Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham trusts God and obeys. God intervenes, tells him to stop, and provides the proper sacrifice, a ram caught in the thicket. Through this circumstance that Abraham would have never chosen, he learned that the Lord will provide and called Moriah “The Lord Will Provide.”. This is the place in Jerusalem where the future temple would be built. The Hebrew people came to worship and meet with God at the place of testing which became the place of provision.”

All this got me thinking about where I would be right now without God’s help. I Could not get through the daily trials , the meltdowns, the seizures, the mood swings with no warning, and all the other things raising a child with Autism throws at me if I was trying to do it on my own strength.  I would get lost in the bad things, the negative sides of all that goes with the words “Your son has Autism”. God has given me the patience I need to get through each day ( BUT this is something I must daily ask for), He has helped me to learn to see the positive things about my son….to see my SON, and not the disabilities….Just the precious child God has given my husband and I. God has shown me ways to help my two girls not get lost in the cracks, and to still feel special, even on days when due to meltdowns, their brother consumes all of mine and my husband’s time.

Every morning as my feet hit the floor, a simple prayer starts my day. When I keep my eyes on Jesus, the meltdowns, the lack of speech, the things that people who don’t understand see as me being a bad parent…or as my son “just being spoiled” ….those things just become part of the burden I have learned to “let go and let God”. Sure, I still go off in a corner and cry at times….yes I have days when I fall apart, when I feel like I “Just Can’t do this anymore” But its Those days when I get that random phone call ” Hi Rachel, I was just calling to see how you are doing today?” or when I run into a friend at the store and , no words, just a huge Hug….God knows my needs, and He watches over me, He provides, He is with me on my journey. As Long as I remember to trust Him. As Long as I remember “God does not come to take you out of the storm… he calls you out of the boat to walk on the water in the midst of the storm….whether you sink or swim depends on where you choose to fix your eyes”


One thought on “Hummingbirds, Storms, and Faith

  1. wow – I love this. It was a good reminder for me….God knows what we need, and when we need it. And he is always there for us to run to. You clearly have a very strong faith foundation! I have a step-son who has Asperger’s (high functioning Autism) and ADHD – and sometimes THAT is too much — kudos to you for being so strong!

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