Posterboard Meltdowns

Today has proved to be an interesting one, full of ups and downs, and a few meltdowns on both my part, and my son’s part. He has a project due Monday for school, and , well getting him to do ANYTHING that is remotely “work” is well….work. Let’s face it, the child has a shorter attention span than a two year old, and his verbal skills are improving, but not quite on the level of a typical 11 year old. After a LONG day of working, and several breaks for food, running around outdoors and multiple trips to the store for Poster Board and, glue, and other needed supplies, we FINALLY got it finished.

That is when the fun began, and the silver lining to my VERY trying, exhausting Day. while trying to get Him to tell me what is on His Poster ( he is going to have to do a presentation in front of his class)…the following Conversation ensued

Me: “Dak, who invented the airplane?”
Dak ” the Wright brother’s” ( YAY that’s a good start)
me: ” when was the airplane…”
Dak interrupts me” Airplane, go to Grandma’s”
me: “yes, that’s right, we took and airplane to Grandma’s this summer!” ( excited he actually MADE the connection)
Dak: ” Airplane to China?”
me:” yes, Uncle Aaron took an Airplane ride to China.” ( again excited about the connection!)

So, while we have had a rough day….the short conversation we had  put a smile back on my face, the Poster is finished, (YAY!) and we are done for today….will work more on the actual presenting the Information tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Posterboard Meltdowns

  1. Of course! In typical Autistic connections, recent events that then translate to pictures then speech. I will be praying that he will be able to show the teacher he knows what is the topic of the poster and the key points that the teacher will be looking for. I also will be praying for grace. Although he clearly can recall information, but regurgitating that will require patients as lots of connections will have to be made at the same time. I’m not one for labeling but I see a lot of myself in that boy. And I think that even though he is quite the poster child for Autism, he is also one who has learned to (mostly) adapt to what he can, and accept what he can’t. He’ll be fine. He’ll do it his way, but I pray the teacher will get the point.

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