The Beauty of the Simple things

Today is my sweet little Man’s Birthday. He is 11 years old. It seems like Just Yesterday He was Born. As I look back on the past 11 years, Many things cross my mind.  The worry and stress when His development screeched to a halt at 18 months old. The Pain in my husband’s eyes when Dak wanted NOTHING to do with him. The stress of having to tend to a screaming Infant and an Autistic Toddler who had sensory issues, and one of those ” Buttons” was His sister’s crying. The Relief when I finally was able to get an “Official Diagnosis” and start getting Him the help He needed. The tears of Joy when at 4 years old, for the First time I heard my son say ” I love you Mommy”.

We have come a long way, and yet we still walk the same road. He has days when He regresses, almost completely, meltdowns, nothing goes right. and then we have moments of Clarity and glimpses of a “typical” 11 year old boy.  Dak has let Daddy, and His sisters into His world, and I Have had to learn to watch for the little things. To continue to hope for big steps, and yet rejoice in the little milestones.

It is because of the day to day, that I could not help but giggle as I waited with him for the school bus to arrive this morning.  Here is how the Conversation went…..

me: “What is today?”
Dak: ” September 23rd”
me: “what is today?”
Dak:  “Dakota’s Birthday!”  ( Face lights up) ” OH! I’m Dakota!!!”
me: “how old are you today?”
Dak : “I’m Dakota!!”
Me: “yes , but how old is Dakota today?”
Dak: “huh?”
Me: “Dakota is 11 today ”
Dak: “I’m Dakota!!!!”
(Hit rewind, and repeat…..this went on until His bus pulled up…LOL)

I Cherish the fact that, even as we went in circles in that conversation, we HAD A CONVERSATION!!!  I rejoice that He acknowledged that I was, in fact talking TO Him, and that he KNEW Today was His Birthday!

I am overjoyed that he ASKED for a Birthday Party this year ( This is a FIRST!) We shall see how things Go Saturday. In the Meantime, Cherish the simple things! Off I go to lay out my “Battle Plan” and attempt a Fire engine Cake!


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