Epilepsy and Autism: Does the study of one help us understand the other? (via Autism Speaks Official Blog)

I am actually glad to see this article….strange as that may sound. My son has had several EEG’s since His Diagnosis with Autism 7 years ago…although Due to whatever reasons…I have been unable to get a Referral for another one for 3 years…forget the Family History of Epilepsy…or that He is one of THREE Cousins on my side of the family who is on the spectrum….or that His EEG’s in the past have all come back abnormal….some even showing seizure activity…so why is it so hard for me to find a Dr who will LISTEN to me as the parent….who will HELP me make sure my child is healthy….Autism does NOT mean He is broke…just wired differently, I have said that for years now…BUT That being said….His seizures are just ONE of the aspects that NEED attention…He cant enjoy summertime…because the extreme southern heat often bring on a seizure….

Staff Blogger, Leanne Chukoskie, Ph.D., Asst. Dir. Science Communication and Special Projects Epilepsy is a common comorbidity in autism, occurring in as many as 30% of all cases.  In overnight or 24 hour EEG studies, atypical brain activity known as spikes or epileptiform activity—that looks somewhat like brain activity during seizure but does not occur with a seizure—has been measured in as many as 60% of autism cases.  What can this atypical b … Read More

via Autism Speaks Official Blog