Bigger is not always better….

I had someone ask me a few weeks ago why we chose Gateway as our church here when there are so many bigger, “Fancier” churches to pick from. They had visited with us and did not seem impressed by the “Casual” attire and seemed to think we should be going to a church where everyone wears a suit/tie…fancy dresses…ect. I disagree, and here is what I told them…..

at Gateway, ALL three of my kids are welcomed and accepted….my special needs son doesn’t fall through the cracks or get ignored….it is “ok” that he doesn’t wear a suit, and is not frowned upon for the clothing that he does wear, or the fact that he doesnt talk much, has issues sitting still and being “seen and not heard”, He is just Loved and accepted for WHO He is…..the way God made Him. For me, this says alot about a church body…when they dont see the disability…just the child. At Gateway, there is no “keeping up with the jones’s” but a sense of acceptance, no matter your income, what type of job you have, race, creed or disability. as my husband put it ” he does not feel out of place there because it is ok that he does not wear a suit….its a Family oriented church.”

Yes, it is true, it is a smaller church comparatively to the other churches around us…but when I visited for the first time…God met me there….something I had been searching for since I left my home church in Upstate NY due to relocation to a different state ….its one thing to go to just any church…and warm a pew…and get that fuzzy “ok I went to church this week” feeling…but its another thing entirely….to be a PART of a church body….to have God meet you…challenge your growth…to be in HIS Presence…to leave after service feeling refreshed and renewed. I am not saying in anyway that larger churches are a bad hing….just that for me and my family…..the smaller family friendly church is the place for us, and I am thankful and blessed to have found that at Gateway.


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