The Children of the world~ The Faith of a Child

My Thoughts are all over the map today….from Haiti…to Thailand….to here at home….Autism, hunger,suffering, prayer, teaching, singing….God’s love for the children….faith of a child

There are images from Haiti that I can’t get out of my mind….the image of a 13 year old hugging her Bible as she tells a CNN reporter ” I am not afraid because God is with me” …. the Story Pastor Alan tells of an 11 year old girl they rescued from sex traffic while He was in Haiti…..these girls are around the same age as my oldest child…and as a mother, they tug at my heart…..but even deeper still…I have worked with children since my senior year of High school. I feel drawn to them…….the way they view the world is amazing, so simple, so innocent….so Honest.

I watch the kids of my neighborhood playing outside…my own three included. These kids range in ages from 12 to 4…..they don’t see color of skin…they don’t see disabilities….they dont really even notice the age differences…. the older ones help the younger ones….and it makes me smile to see the 4 year old running after the older kids as fast as his little legs will allow…they just all enjoy playing together …..having fun and being friends. We can learn soo much from the children in our lives. We always look at it as US teaching them, and yes, we DO need to teach them…..but they teach us as well if we are open to it.

Then there are images from the Children’s ministry at the missions conference my sister is at in Thailand….incidentally, my brother, his wife and three kids are there as well, as they are missionaries to China…..images of my sister and of Patty praying for the children…praying with them……showing them God’s love….equipping them to reach the young people of China with God’s love….its a beautiful thing.

I warned you all at the beginning that my thoughts were all over the map today…….if you have read this far then let me say this……the one common thing my thoughts have is this…”Jesus loves the little children…ALL the children of the world….red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Yes we need to reach out to the children hurting in Haiti….or in a position to be witnesses to their peers in China….but we also need to equip our OWN children here at home….I know my girls have been asking what THEY can do to help the children of Haiti…

God IS moving in wonderful ways in the youth of ALL countries…..we saw it last summer here in the states at summer camps and Vacation Bible schools around the country…..we are seeing it now in Haiti…and in Thailand and China…. the cry of my heart is “Lord please give me the faith of a child…..the ability to love You without question…without fear….without hesitation”


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