heartbreak over the crisis in Haiti

as we all know, on Tuesday, January 12,2010 a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake shattered lives in Haiti. Since then, I have been brought to my knees in tears, praying as I watch story after heartbreaking story, picture after picture on the news.

When I first heard about the quake, my first thoughts went to my dear childhood friends…..the Tice Family, as their father, ….a man I have known all my life, one of my father’s close friends….is currently in Haiti on a mission trip with a group called Double Harvest . I called my parents, and started the prayer chain after finding out from Tom’s son, Craig that Tom and his mission team were about 30 minutes from the epi-center….on Weds I received an update from Craig that his father was ok, as was the rest of his team , though there was a lot of damage around them.

As I continued to pray for this mission team, and for all those many people hurting…suffering, I received another message, this time from a man who used to work on my father’s farm….someone I have always admired and respected, a dear friend….he was urgently seeking any news on some Haitians, and an orphanage and school in Port Au Prince,and wondered if I knew anyone who might be able to find out something. I added this request to my prayer list, and taking the photos that he had sent me, and the information given, began searching the internet….to no avail, for something…any news at all about the orphanages and schools seemed vague…no school names given.

Just when I was starting to get frustrated in my search, Glenn posted an update that the Pastor the rest of the staff were all alive….40 of the children had been killed, but 160 survived, though the school itself was completely destroyed. While my heart broke for those lost, I felt it leap for joy that many had survived.

even as I write this, I went to the Heart of God in Haiti website to check for an update, and am sitting here typing through tears…..
this is an excerpt from their latest update from Pastor Dicksent……(HG-Haiti Update: 2:30 PM 15-Jan-2010)
Dicksent is now ministering to over 5,000 people at the Canape Vert Amphitheatre (click here for Google Maps; you will need to zoom in to view the ampitheatre). It is absolutely amazing to us, and another indication that God is working through everything, that Dicksent and the children were scheduled to hold a “Jesus Jamboree” at this very same amphitheatre in December. The plans were changed at the last minute because of a conflict. However, he is now ministering to thousands just as he felt God had called him to do only a few short weeks ago. The impact he is having there is most probably far greater than he ever imagined. God is definitely using this precious servant for His glory!

He is using Psalm 46 to minister to the people; apparently there has been tremendous response as the people are seeking answers. We know that God has promised if we seek Him, He will be found. (Jeremiah 29:13)

I write all this for a few reasons…..one to say that due to the people mentioned above….this heartbreaking Catastrophe has been brought home to me on a level like “9-11” and Hurricaine Katrina were…I had faces I knew and loved there as well….in times of tragedy…at times…it can become a blur…but when it takes on a face of someone you know, it brings it close to home in a way that nothing else can…

another thing I have gotten from this…..is that God Has a plan….He ALWAYS does! He has HIS People in place …it is no mistake that they were there…in Haiti..before, and during this quake…..and that HE brought them through it. Psalm 23:4 states that even though I walk through the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort me. We learned in Sunday school in a study of Psalm 23 that the promise here is that HE will be there….even through the darkest moments of our lives…HE will bring us THROUGH so that like Pastor Dicksent…in the midst of suffering, tragedy pain, disaster…we can show God’s Love.

I have spent the past few nights since the quake, unable to sleep…..in tears….praying, seeking God for how I can help, and I keep coming back to the orphanage and school…..I can’t get them out of my mind…Double Harvest as well. Please, if you feel led to do so….take a look at the links above, and please add these people to your prayer lists…and follow whatever God leads. Praying for The Lord’s Guidance myself, as I seek for what me and my family can do to help.
God bless you all

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