Random Thoughts…..Christmas Memories

As I sit here….having just finished a third draft of the Family Christmas letter and trying to decide wich photos to use in a collage…..many thoughts race through my mind. Reflections on the year that has flown by….and on years past.
As the 2009 Holiday season is in full swing with people rushing to shop…and Holiday functions for Family…and work….and church…as I stood at the kitchen sink washin dishes, and baking blueberry muffins for the kids for snack this afternoon, a thought hit me and stood out beyond all the others.

What I remember about the Christmas’s of my childhood is not the gifts I got….sure there are a few specific ones that stand out….that to this day, at 34 years old, I still have…but what stands out is memories of time spent….baking cookies with my mom and grandmother…..helping my other set of grandparents decorate their house….Daddy reading the Christmas story from the Bible….lighting the advent Candles at home every Sunday, and Daddy reading from the Bible…..Making home-made decorations like clay ornaments…and popcorn and Cranberry garlands…paper snowflakes, and paper chains of colored paper…Christmas eve, the entire small town gathering for candle-light service…playing Silent night on my flute at the candle-light service every year….playing with my cousins at the family gatherings…..

I say all this, to say, that as I face another Holiday season where from societies standpoint….my Christmas looks bleak…..from MY standpoint….I am Blessed…Truly Blessed….what my kids will remember is the time spent WITH them….baking cookies…making decorations…reading the Christmas story from the Bible…carrying on the traditions passed down to me by my grandparents and parents…Traditions rich in TIME and LOVE…

In that light….Things like Church celebrations…and band concerts at school are important….as are family gatherings….these are times to honor hard work ( Band concerts) share with each other…and spend TIME with those we hold dear.

My Prayer for each and every on of you this Holiday season is that your TIME be blessed with Love, Family and memories…and that the traditions passed down are not spend spend spend…..but TIME and Love.

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