Where were you?

8 years ago today, Tragedy gripped our country. Today, we remember the lives lost. We remember the acts of heroism. We remember.

8 years ago, I was at home with two small children, and had just found out the day before that I was expecting a third. My Husband was in North Alabama for his 2 weeks of Annual training. I was also babysitting two little boys who had arrived at my house at 6 am, so like any other day I ahd put in a Disney movie to keep them quiet till my own children woke up. when the movie ended the VCR shut off and the TV turned on, just as the first plane hit. I watched in disbelief, and yet I had enough sense, even in my initial state of shock, to know the boys didnt need to be watching what was unfolding before my eyes ( they were only 4, and 2) and by that time my own kids were awake, so i hustled them all in to play in the playroom.

I came back to the living room, and my knees buckled. I started to cry, and could not turn from the TV.
I have family who live and work in NYC, and I had no idea if they were ok. through my tears I heard a knock at the door, it was my friend Kellie. Her Husband was in Bobby’s unit, and she had been unable to reach him on the phone. We sat together, watching in horror, and trying to reach our husbands on the phone. Turns out, they had been pulled in from the field and placed on High alert.

today, 8 years later, the emotions of today are as strong as they were then….the shock, the horror, the tears….the overwhelming need to pray. my phone started to ring, Family calling asking if I had the TV on……and we started praying for those we knew who lived and worked in the areas of devastation, and for those we didnt know as well, for the families, the police and Firemen.

I also remember the unity of our nation…..Politics got pushed aside…..and for a time, we were ONE….united in our grief.
It is no wonder that my youngest goes to leep to “God Bless the USA” and the Marines Hymn….the entire time I was pregnant with her, that is what she heard.

now, I want to know…..where were you?


8 Years ago…..some thoughts from a Military Wife

Today has been an emotional one for me, well this whole week has. this afternoon, those emotions all came to a full explosion when my youngest child came home from school and informed me that rather than school shirts , they were to wear red white and blue tomorrow because it is sep. 11. I new they day was coming up fast, and the events of what happened 8 years ago are engrained in my mind. however, it hit me with an overwhelming rush of emotions that 8 years ago, my husband was away for Annual training for the National Guard, and here we are, 8 years later, and he is once again at annual training on September 11th.

there are some good emotions and memories from 8 years ago mixed in there……8 years ago today I found out that I was expecting child number three….and memories of my pregnancy with her are forever tied to the emotions that followed on Sept. 11th. 8 years ago, was when I met one of my dearest friends, Kellie ( miss you Kel) and she and I survived that two horrible weeks with our men in the field and the world gripped by tragedy, the uncertainty that went with being a Military wife at that time in History, the wonders and joys of pregnancy ( her little one is 4 days older than my youngest..)

I sit here typing this, trying to decipher why the simularities in my life to those of 8 years ago have drug up so many overpowering emotions. Is it because the emotions of september 11,2001 were sooo overpowering, they brought me to my knees. or is it something else stirring in my heart, in my soul.
I remember the tears, the fear, the concern over loved ones in both NYC and the Pentagon, and jumping every time the phone rang, waiting for news, as strongly as if it were yesterday.

It is amazing to me how this one tragic event is so engraved into my memory, into my heart. the knowledge that here we are 8 years later and I once again find myself at home, alone with the kids while My husband is off in the feild, training and doing His part to serve. As another round of friends prepares to deploy, I pray for thier safety, and for their wives and children.

May we never forget that for those of us who are Military families, when tragedy strikes, the emotions that follow cut so deep that the feelings of those moments become a thread woven through every thought, every day of the fabric of our lives. someone said to me , just dont think about it, see it as just another day! I could not believe my ears. to me september 11 will NEVER be “Just another day”.
It saddens me that people forget so easily. to some Veterans Day, Memorial day, December 7th, and September 11th are all ” Just another day” but to me…..these are very imprtant dates…things my children know well, and we take the time to stop and pray and say thank you to those who stand on the front lines.

Pray for the men and women serving, and please dont remember to pray for thier wives, husbands, children, and parents. you see, yes the service members are the ones doing the footwork, the fighting, but those at home, behind the scenes, praying and supporting the loved ones far from home, but never far from thoughts and hearts, who are also serving. God bless all the Military families out there, and keep our loved ones safe until they come home to us. and remember regardless of wether it is a one year deployment, or a shorter period of time for training purposes, the emotions are still very strong, and very real, and regardless wether you are a 13 year Military spouse, or new to it all, it is still a daily challenge, it takes a very special person to love a Service member, to stand by and support from the background.

To my friends who are serving, Thank you each and everyone of you , and to your families, a Huge hug and a thank you to them as well. you are all daily in my thoughts and prayers.