This Christmas….

This Christmas, times are tough. Money is tighter than ever. Tensions are High worldwide. Please remember to STOP , Slow down and think about what is really important. It’s not the Hustle and Bustle. It’s Not how much money you spend on gifts. It’s Family, It’s love, it’s Friends, The most precious gift you can give is Your TIME.

We often forget the TRUE reason for Christmas, Celebrating the birth of Jesus.The other night I was able to attend the Christmas program at my son’s school. Yes, they sang songs about Santa, and reindeer, and presents, but what impressed me the most was that before the program even started, they led the entire crowd in prayer.  I am grateful for ONE thing about living in Alabama, even though i do often gripe and complain, and that is that it is still not afraid to PRAY IN schools. I am sure there was one person in the room who probably was offended…but you know what…i am thankful that my son attends a school that, at least when it comes to prayer, is not afraid to be “Politically Uncorrect”

Having said all that, i leave you with a Video…….This is of one of my ALL Time FAVORITE Christmas songs. It is by Garth Brooks, and is about a True Story from World War 1….from a scene in Bellau Woods. I Tear up and get shivers down my spine EVERY time i hear this song. This Christmas, may God watch over and bless my brother, Bill, and all the other men and woman, Civilian or Military, serving in foreign lands, far from family and friends.


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