“The War” A response to my brother

A part of me is over there.

Dave you know this very well.

you see I am not just a Military wife, or a sister of a Marine…

I too served in the Corps.

Friends…no family …my military family

one by one have called to say…

“Its my turn, I have been called to go.”

I thank the Lord each day for those who have made it home…

While still praying for those who are there…

and remembering those who wont be home.

You look at me like I have lost my mind

when I say I understand that my husband will go too.

Some of you have even said, ” No he wont, because we dont want him to.”

Listen up and listen good…

If he gets called he will go….

and beside him I will stand….

and if while he is gone you dont stand with me….

then you dont stand with him.

To those who are standing on the front line….

Thank you

To those who wont ever be coming Home…

RIP and Thank You

To that high school kid who just told me…

“I leave for boot camp after graduation.”

Thank you

Rachel E. Brown

Jan. 29, 2007

Semper Fi Marines, and Thank you to all the men and women in all branches of the Armed Forces.

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