As I Look forward to 2007 I can’t help but glance back. Alot happend in 2006 some good some bad, but overall it was a good year. The Main thing I will remember when I think about 2006 is that it was the year I had to say goodbye to My Grandpa who died in February 2006 and one of my cousins, Alex ( “Sandy”) who died Christmas Day. While both of these loved ones are missed greatly, I Know neither of them is suffering anymore. The pain for me is still very real, and yet I Hvae many wonderful memories of both of them.

Another thing that struck me as I sit here thinking as how far I have come. Here we are 2007…I have been Happily Married for 11 years, My oldest child will be 10 this year…It has been 12 years since I left home to join the Marines…and yet it seems while so much has changed…so much remains the same….My faith in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Grows stronger each day…My Love for my family does as well.

What will 2007 bring my way? I don’t know….but I DO know that whatever it is I can face it with the help of My Saviour Jesus Christ and the love of My Husband Robert and the strength of my Family.

New Years Resolutions you ask…well I Dont have any…..I Take things one day at a time. I Have learned that If I have something in my life that needs to change I need to Just do It….not make some promise I might break.

So here I sit looking forward to the future all the while careful to remember my roots…and to never forget those I love whom I have lost.

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