Missing Grandpa

As I prepare to Celebrate Christmas with my loved ones

It hits me

Someone dear to me wont be here this year

There wont be any Roses from Grandpa coming to my door

No phone call to say “Grandpa I Love you”

Somebody else will have to say the blessing at Christmas dinner.

Grandpa spent his life making others smile.

Christmas was no different.

Even though I moved miles away from home

He always went the extra mile

to make sure that even though I could not be home

I would still smile

This year is different though

Grandpa went to heaven last February

I am trying very hard this year to smile

and yet someting is missing

a hole in my heart

an ache I cant fix

I know he is no longer in pain

I know I have many wonderful memories to cherish

and yet I still cry

It hurts that he’s gone

My Grandpa, my Hero, My friend

I Love you

I miss you

Rachel E. Brown

Dec. 19, 2006


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