The True Heros in My World

There are Heros in this world,
This I do Believe.
Not some musiciann or sports start though.
The Heros I speak of
Don’t seek public attention.
They go through life and may never see thier name in lights.

They do their job the best they can
and take the time to help their fellow man.
They look like average people,
but to those who know them they are Heros just the same.

You see I have met some of these Heros
A Farmer,
A Marine,
A Teacher,
A Police Officer.
They are not in it for the glory,
They are not in it for the money…
because you and I both know it is not there.

Take the time to say thank you
That is what they need to hear.
A smile from a child,
A heartfelt thank you….
And Please if you don’t TRULY mean it don’t say it.
These people spend their lives doing what they do
So that You and I can live.

So from my heart…
Thank you Daddy and Grandpa,
Thank you Dave ( My Lil Bro) and Bobby( My Hubby),Bill, Kathy, Chase,Nate, the list goes on…..
Thank you Mom, Laura( My Lil Sis) and Grandma,
Thank you Bobby ( My Hubby),
Each of you in my eyes are Heros.
The kind of Heros I want my children to know.
Genuine people who have touched my life.
Not just because of what you do for a job, but because of who you are.
I have seen you stop to help others,
even when you were struggling yourselves.
That is what makes you Heros to me.

Rachel Brown ~ May 23, 2006


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